About Me

Hi everyone, and welcome to AuroreBlogs!

In case you weren’t sure, my name’s Aurore, and this is my little space on the internet I’ve set up to share my favourite things with anyone who fancies reading about them!

Right now, I’m busy working full time and studying, so I only get a chance to post once a week. I post mostly reviews and hauls, but my plan is to branch out to add cosplay and sewing once I have more time.

I’ve been into makeup ever since teenage Aurore stumbled upon the YouTube community probably close to 10 years ago. I really like being able to see people’s thoughts on a product before I buy it, but I also love seeing just how amazingly creative other people can be, and that’s exactly what I set this blog up to be a part of.

I’ve also been obsessed with sewing for as long as I can remember (yes, I was that girl who used to sew clothes for her Barbie dolls…), and discovering cosplay has only helped to encourage that. So I bought myself a little sewing machine about three years ago, and I haven’t looked back since.

So, if you’re after beauty laced with a little dress up and DIY, you’re definitely in the right place! You can find my current top and recent posts at the bottom of the page. I also have my social media links at the top if you want to see more of me. You can even get in touch with via the Contact page.

And if you want to find out more about what’s going on in my life right now, check out my latest update!

Enjoy the read!

Love, Aurore