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I’m currently on a serious mission to save some money, which means less spending on makeup. I haven’t gone completely cold turkey, but I am making a conscious effort to plan my shopping rather than impulsively buying everything I want, and to take advantage of every sale and discount available.


Unfortunately for me, this also means I haven’t had a chance to pick up any of the new and exciting foundations that have recently come out at the drugstore, which I was planning on reviewing for you guys. But it is giving me an occasion to use up some forgotten products in my stash, and in the process, I’ve fallen in love with some of them again. So start us off on this journey of rediscovery, here are four foundations which my dry skin has been loving.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation – For Summer


For years, I aimed to get as much coverage as I could on my face so I could hide my spots under several layers of foundation. Now that I’ve made it to my mid twenties and my skin has finally improved, I am learning to enjoy lighter foundations, and the Naked Skin foundation is a firm favourite. I make sure to pick it up on Black Friday so I avoid paying full price, and once the sun comes out, I wear it all Summer long. It’s lightweight, which makes it very comfortable in the heat, has a light to medium coverage, and doesn’t cling to dry patches. Pair it with an illuminating primer such as the L’Oreal Illuminating Primer Shot, or a liquid highlighter like the Iconic London Illuminator (or both!), and you have the perfect glowy base.

Because this is a thinner formula than the others on this list, it does settle into my smile lines, and that one forehead line that seems to be getting deeper recently (time to add some retinol to my skincare I think!). I’m not ready to give up on this formula just yet though, so instead I’ll be searching for a new primer to help counteract this, and I’ll make sure to keep you all posted.

Read the full review here, and pick up the foundation from Urban Decay for £29.50.

Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation – For Winter


With all the hype around this foundation, it actually started as a fail for me, and I left it untouched for several weeks. Sometimes, if a foundation doesn’t work the first time, all you need is a little bit of work, and you might actually end up pleasantly surprised.

This foundation has a demi-matte finish, so it’s all about making sure the skin is hydrated underneath it. A great and very affordable primer for that is the MUA Pro Base Primer, which I pair with this foundation every time. It won’t do anything to fill in your pores or lines, but the foundation does a great job at that instead. I also make sure only to powder my undereyes and lines to avoid that cake face effect. The foundation stays in place really well and when I check it during the day, I’m always so impressed with its smooth, velvety finish, and there’s is no clinging in sight. The shade is too light for me, but I think I’ll make my peace with the pricing issues and pick up another shade when I finish this one.

Read the full review here, and pick up the foundation from Revolution Beauty for £9.

Makeup Forever Stick Foundation – For nights out


The priciest option on this list, I first picked this up almost three years ago after seeing Nikkietutorials use it, and I’m still completely in love with it. In fact, I featured it in my first glam routine post two years ago, and again in the updated version. As it is so pricey, I save it for events and nights out, but you get a huge 45 g in this one, which is the most product I’ve seen in a stick foundation so far.

With a couple of layers, you get the most incredible plastic, dewy finish, and some pretty great coverage too. I actually go over it afterwards with a heavy layer of RCMA No Colour to turn it matte (and lots of setting spray to make sure I don’t look powdery), and it doesn’t budge. Whether you’re using it during the day or at night, this combo will stay in place for hours, and I will absolutely be repurchasing it again and again.

Get it from Debenhams for £31.

Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick – For photos


I did not expect to see two Revolution foundations on this list, but this is the one that actually sparked the idea for this post. I purchased it hoping it would be a dupe for the Makeup Forever foundation. Unfortunately, I found it unpredictable, looking good on some days and terrible on others, and it just didn’t have the same staying power. There is also the fact that you are only getting 6.2 g of product, which means it isn’t as cheap as you might think at first.


Shade F1 in this midnight blue look

As a result, this one had been relegated to the back of my collection, but I picked it up a week ago for a look on Instagram, and I was completely taken aback by how beautiful my skin looked in photos. The coverage is great, and like the Conceal & Define foundation, I only powder the areas that need it, which means I can fully enjoy its glowy, dewy finish. And because I don’t keep my Instagram makeup on for very long (or if I do, I’m usually not actually going anywhere), it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t wear as well as some others on this list. I’m almost out of it, and I think it will actually end up being repurchased.

Read the full review here, and pick up the foundation from Revolution Beauty for £5.

I have my eyes on a few more foundations I would like to try, but do let me know if there any which you would like to see my opinion on!

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