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It’s not that often that I get excited about makeup releases anymore. Maybe I’m just getting older, or maybe it’s because there are just too many releases for my brain to keep up with now. So you can imagine my surprise when I caught myself looking forward to the release of the Revolution’s Cut Crease Canvas.

If you’ve visited my blog before, you will not have escaped my love for the cult PLouise Base, which I literally use all the time. Due to the fact that this product is only available on her website however, I was pretty open to find a more readily available dupe for it. And considering this was formulated to improve on their concealer, in the same way as PLouise developed her base to replace the MAC Select Cover Up, a comparison was needed.

I decided to get the Revolution Cut Crease Canvas in the shade Halo White, as I wanted the PLouise base in the same shade anyway. I also grabbed the Primer & Lock Eye Primer, which I will touch on briefly in this post. Watch the video, or if you only want to see certain sections of it, you will find time stamps below each heading.

The Specifics


To get us started on the specifics, I decided to pick up where I left my review of the PLouise Base. Using the table I created at the time, I’ve added in the information for the Revolution products:

Price Size Cost per ml Shades Availability
Plouise Base £10 15 ml £0.67 7 Plouise Academy
UD Primer Potion £16 – £19, depending on shade 10 ml £1.6 – £1.9 8 Urban Decay, Debenhams, House of Fraser, etc.
Revolution Prime & Lock Eye Primer £6 6 ml £1 1 Revolution Beauty, Superdrug
Revolution Cut Crease Halo £6 4.5 ml £1.33 4 Revolution Beauty, Superdrug

With just a quick glance, I can already say that PLouise wins this first round. It remains the largest tube that you can purchase of the four. You would be forgiven for thinking the Revolution primers were, as their tubes are pretty large, but in a rather unsurprising move from the brand, you’re getting less product than expected. Cost wise, the PLouise base remains the most economic option.

The Delivery


As I’ve already mentioned above, it is only possible to pick the PLouise base up from her website, and unfortunately there is always a shipping charge, which starts at  minimum of £4.99. This will then increase with every additional item that you add, although it should be noted that when taking this into account when calculating the cost per ml, it is still cheaper than the Cut Crease Canvas.


Meanwhile, Revolution is available from several different retailers, all of which offer free shipping above a certain spending threshold. They definitely win on the accessibility front. Of the three that I have mentioned above, my preference is usually to order from Superdrug, as I’ve experienced the least delays with them, and their free shipping threshold is lower when you have their Beauty Card.

The Packaging


Revolution absolutely deserve points for all the improvements they have made to their packaging in the past year. No longer cheap looking, instead they’re giving us glass bottles and cardboard boxes. Next to these, PLouise’s black tube looks very simple (but it may be a lot easier to get product out of it when you’re running low!).


The applicators are also certainly very interesting. The Prime & Lock primer comes with one of Revolution’s large signature doe foots, which we’ve become accustomed to with the Conceal & Define Concealers and Foundations.


The more interesting one of the two is the brush which comes in the Cut Crease Canvas, which is intended to use for, well, cut creases. My concern before buying the product was that I would inevitably pick up eyeshadow from the lid, and put it back into the tube, staining the primer. As it turns out, that hasn’t been an issue for me, as I don’t like the brush anyway: it’s fairly thick, densely packed, and lacks any flexibility. Tubes do make life a little easier sometimes.

The Consistency


All three bases appear to have the same consistency when you swatch them at first; once you blend them out a little, you will find that the PLouise base is definitely the thickest.


The Cut Crease Canvas is a slightly more watered down version, and will need a few more layers to achieve the same coverage, but it’s not far off. The Prime & Lock primer, while it looks like concealer on the back of your hand, is actually the least creamy of the three. It has no coverage, and feels closer to Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.

I personally much prefer just how creamy the PLouise Base is; the thick consistency means that it will fill in any ridges in your skin, delivering the smoothest eyeshadow application of the three.

The Application

My initial idea was to use the Prime & Lock primer as my base, and only cut the crease with the Cut Crease Canvas. However, as you’ll see me mention at 6:19 in the video, things didn’t quite go to plan, and the shadow turned out absolutely terrible. I think it will get it’s own dedicated review after some more testing, although I haven’t picked it up since this failed attempt.


Left: Cut Crease Canvas. Right: PLouise Base



I went straight in with black for my first shade, using the one from my Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions palette, which I packed on pretty heavily. There were no real differences in the texture or intensity of the shadow: both sides appeared to be equal. What I did notice was that the whole thing had taken a little less work on the PLouise side.


I next went into Makeup Geek’s Concrete Jungle to blend out the edges, and started seeing differences immediately. It took more work to blend on the Revolution side, for a result that wasn’t as good. In fact it was only when I posted the close up of the look on my Instagram that I realised just how poor the blend was.


My next step was to cut the crease. I cleaned the area up first with makeup remover, to avoid getting the bases dirty, then went over each side with it’s respective base. I ended up having to use a lot of product on each side, and again didn’t really notice any differences, other than the white side being brighter overall.


For the cut crease, I used OhMyGlitter’s Pot of Gold palette to draw out a rainbow. On my previous attempts, I had found that I would always get a brighter result on the Revolution side, which I attributed to the fact it was white. This time, as I had cleaned up the whole thing beforehand, I didn’t really notice as much of a difference. Both sides came out looking fairly similar.


To make the whole look a little more fun, I decided I wanted a line of glitter in between each colour.  Before doing that, I used a fine art brush I picked up on Amazon to clean up the spaces. My first observation? This definitely isn’t as easy as the people on Instagram make it look. On a more serious note, both primers performed similarly here; the difference in texture didn’t change anything in the application.

The Finished Look


Find the product list for this look over on my Instagram


While this isn’t my favourite look, I’m still pretty pleased with how it turned out, especially considering how many issues I had along the way, trying to film this video.

Who wins today’s battle then? It’s clear to me that the PLouise base comes out on top again. While on the cut crease portion, both of them performed the same, the Cut Crease Canvas does not double up as a primer, as illustrated by that lovely outer corner blend. Couple in the fact that once again, Revolution are delivering a product that isn’t good value for money. I’m glad I love their lip toppers this much, otherwise I would probably just give up on the brand altogether.

If you just want something for your cut creases, then the Cut Crease Canvas is easy to pick up, and does a decent job. But if you want a primer that you will be able to use for every single one of your eye looks, the PLouise base remains the most affordable option I’ve tested so far, and one tube will last you forever. Seriously, I’ve had mine since June last year.

Let me know if you would like me to put any other primers to the test!

Pick up the PLouise Base from the PLouise Academy, and the Revolution Cut Crease Canvas from Superdrug, Revolution Beauty, and Beauty Bay.

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