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It’s not often that I enjoy a product enough to pick it up in every shade (I know, I’m a terrible beauty blogger). When I saw that Superdrug had reduced the Revolution Jewel Collection Lip Toppers to just £2 each however, I couldn’t miss out on picking up the ones I was missing.

Revolution’s Jewel Collection came out before Christmas, and is made up of the three lip toppers (£4) , three matching jelly highlighters, (£6), and three eyeshadow palettes (£10). While I was tempted to grab one of the highlighters as well (I didn’t as they weren’t on offer), I haven’t found the palettes to be particularly exciting in comparison to the other products.

The three lip topper shades are (from left to right):


Luxurious – Duo Chrome Sheer Pink with Gold Glitter
Exquisite – Duo Chrome Sheer Pink with Cool Silver Shimmer
Fortune – Iced Silver Shimmer

The first shade I went with was Luxurious, which I picked up for my Glitter Cut Crease Eyeshadow Tutorial. I was expecting it to feel chunky and sticky, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that was not the case.


Luxurious; Luxurious over Barry M Go To

The glitter is super fine, so you can actually barely feel it. Once the product is on the lips, it shimmers beautifully when it hits the light, and transforms whatever lipstick you choose to wear underneath.


Exquisite; Exquisite over Huda Beauty Trophy Wife

So far I’ve tried Luxurious and Exquisite. I’ve been enjoying the fact that they barely disturb the lipstick underneath, unlike other glosses I have tried before. Even as they dry, they don’t become sticky and remain very comfortable for a few hours. Of course, if I was to step outside with my hair down on a windy day, my hair would inevitably get stuck to my lips, but that’s always the risk when you decide wear lip gloss.


Fortune; Fortune over LA Splash Evil Darling

Over the past few weeks, these have really become some of my favourite lip products. I haven’t had a chance to wear Fortune yet, but I will update this post if I’m not as happy with it as the others.

For the cost, I’ve been very impressed with these; they just take my makeup to the next level, without making the whole experience uncomfortable. I would definitely recommend picking them up, especially while they’re still on offer at Superdrug.

Pick up the Jewel Collection from Revolution and Superdrug.

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