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Ever since the Modern Renaissance palette came out almost three years ago, Anastasia Beverly Hills has continued to drop some of the most beautiful palettes on the market.  Releases come so often now though that it’s getting hard to keep up, especially when the palettes come in at about £40 each.

I now have four of her palettes, and I can say that her matte formula is one of my favourites. Along with my Morphe 35B, they are the palettes I reached for the most last year. So today, I’m going to rank them to tell you which of Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes are the best, and which ones you should skip.

4. Norvina Palette


When the palette was leaked last July, I wanted it immediately. The colour scheme screamed out to me, and seemed so different from all the warm toned palettes we had grown so used to seeing. Plus, this palette has an equal amount of mattes and shimmers, almost unheard of nowadays, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.


As it turns out, this palette was a pretty big disappointment. I have no complaints about the matte formula, which lives up to her other palettes: the shades are pigmented and blend in together beautifully. Some of them are more powdery than others, but I don’t really mind.

It’s the shimmers that are a complete let down. There is no consistency between them: while some of them feel quite dry, others are soft and buttery. The most striking shade, Celestial, doesn’t apply well, whether I use a brush or a finger, my PLouise base or my NYX Glitter Primer. Even with the ones that do perform better when applied, they have zero staying power and fade off very fast. I haven’t been reaching for this palette anywhere near as much as I thought I would, although I think the colour scheme will be more appealing come Spring, but personally, I say save your coin and skip this one.

Get the Norvina palette for £43.

3. Subculture


I completely abandoned my Subculture palette over the Summer, but as soon as the weather started turning grey, I couldn’t put it down. The shades in this palette scream Autumn, especially when paired with a dark lip. Despite how much I love this one, I’m only giving it third place.


If you’re wondering why, I’m simply putting it down to ease of use. We all know about the controversy which surrounded the palette when it was released, and while I haven’t had issues on that level with the palette, I’ve had to spend a lot of time working with it. Any video I film with it takes hours to edit because of the sheer amount of blending I have to do. I love the looks I create with it, but I’ve never used it for an event or taken it travelling, because it’s just too unpredictable. There is also the issue of inconsistent shimmers, just like with Norvina, although I’m not as bothered here as there are only three in this palette.

If you are at a more advanced level with your makeup, and you have a good set of blending brushes, then I think you will enjoy this palette, especially if you’re one of those lucky people who manages to pick it up at a discount at TK Maxx. I’ve never been that lucky. If however you’re more of a beginner, but you’re dying to get your hands on the colour scheme, Revolution’s £4 Iconic Division palette may be a safer option.

Read the full review, or pick up the Subculture palette for £43.

2. Prism


Out of the four, I think I have used the Prism palette the least; but I have been so impressed with it so far that I am comfortable placing it higher up, even if at first, the colour scheme may seem a little daunting. If you look closer at the matte shadow, you get a decent black (Obsidian), a citrus yellow (Sphere), and the remaining five shades offer a good assortment of cool and warm transition shades, which allow you to lay the foundations for your look.


While the palette offers as many shimmer shades as mattes, just like Norvina, there is a lot more variety in the shades to create a wider range of looks. Plus, while like the other two, the texture of the shades isn’t always the same, I haven’t experienced the same problems with their quality. The looks I’ve created have all turned out just the way I wanted them, without any issues with the blending or how long they lasted. I’ve already taken this one out with me for an event, and would feel comfortable doing it again!


Get the Prism palette for £43.

1. Modern Renaissance


Is it any surprise that I am ranking this one first? It is a classic after all! Overall, the trend may be moving away from warm toned palettes, but Modern Renaissance remains a staple.


At first, the colour selection may appear quite simplistic, but what I love about it is the huge selection of different looks you can actually create with it, from an every day subtle smoke with the brown shades, or something a little more dramatic using Realgar or Red Ochre. Search for Modern Renaissance Tutorials on YouTube, and you’ll see that people are still coming up with new looks even now.

The shades blend in beautifully together, they work all year round, and the shimmers (while there are only two in this one) are exquisite. If you’re looking for a high end palette that will be easy to use and will offer variety, then I highly recommend this one.

Pick up the Modern Renaissance palette for £43.

While this list does not feature all of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ palettes, I hope you’ve found this post helpful. I will of course update it if I buy another of her palettes, but right now, even though I’ve heard amazing things about Sultry and Soft Glam, I don’t feel like they would bring anything new to my collection. Although my makeup shelf would look a lot nicer if I had them all!

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