My Black Friday Wishlist | Musts & Wants

Black Friday is almost here, and while every year we seem to be greeted by images of riots in shopping centres from across the Atlantic, I’ll be enjoying it on my laptop, from the comfort of my chair, with the heating on and maybe with a hot chocolate in hand. There’ll be no standing outside in November for me!

Sales are a great time to stock up on all my essentials at a reduced price (especially any high end ones!), and to finally give products a go that I’ve been oggling over for a while. So I’ve been putting together my shopping list, ready to shop in the morning. Of course, with certain retailers starting their sales earlier every year, there is always the possibility that some items will be out of stock by the time Friday comes around.

Nonetheless, here are my picks for next week’s shopping frenzy: I’ve come up with a list of essentials I will be getting for sure, and a few extras I wouldn’t mind trying out. And of course, if I do pick them up, there’ll be a haul waiting on the other side.

The prices listed are the full prices before any discounts.

The Musts

Urban Decay


Last year’s Black Friday sale gave me a chance to try out Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation (£28.50 on Urban Decay), and it’s been a favourite since then! In fact, I only have a few drops left, so it’s definitely time to pick out a new one. It’ll be the first thing in my basket on Friday.


While I’m there, I can’t miss out on my other essentials from the brand! Is it even possible to place an Urban Decay order without getting a bottle of All Nighter Setting Spray (£24 on Urban Decay)? And I’ll of course add on a tube of Perversion mascara (£19.50 on Urban Decay).



While their No Colour Powder is a bit much for my dry skin on an every day basis, it’s another staple in my collection: not only is it super affordable (£13 for 85g on BeautyBay), but it’s one of the few powders I’ve used that doesn’t make me look yellow. I haven’t quite run out of my current bottle yet, but I don’t see anything wrong with picking up another while it’s on offer!

Real Techniques

I can’t miss out on a chance to pick up all of my basics while they’re on offer, can I? I’ll be making sure to grab my favourite makeup sponges, both in their regular (£5.99 from Boots) and mini size (£7.99 from Boots).

I also still haven’t tried Real Technique brushes, so I think this will be the occasion for it! I’ve had my eye on their Setting brush (*£6.99 from Amazon)and their Detail & Define set (£10.99 from Boots) for a while now, and they’re already sat in my Amazon basket, waiting for me to buy them.

The Wants

BH Cosmetics


Recently, I haven’t felt the need to add eyeshadows to my collection: I find I have all the shades that I need most days. That was until I came across this gorgeous look by Liljathormua, which has given me a very strong need for the Galaxy Chic palette from BH Cosmetics (£18 from Beauty Bay). Not only is it absolutely stunning, but it’s full of the most beautiful shades  my collection is currently lacking, and will be perfect for creating space themed looks.

LA Girl

As I mentioned above, I’ve been sticking to translucent powders for years now. After seeing how good fellow Instagrammer Renellelondon looked when she used the PRO.Face Powder however (£6 from BeautyBay), I have been dying to get my hands on it. It’s super affordable anyway, but I can’t skip out on it if it’s discounted, right?



Sigma is high on my list of cult brands that I really need to try: when beauty vloggers aren’t using Morphe, their blending brushes are from Sigma. I’ve heard such good things about them, I may just grab a whole set of eye brushes if I find one on offer. Recommendations I have had include the E40 (£12.75 on CultBeauty), E36 (£11.75 on BeautyBay) and E25 (£12.75 on CultBeauty), but throw more my way if you have some!

LA Splash


I’ve already mentioned how much I love the Wickedly Divine Lipstick (£9.50 on BeautyBay) I already own from the brand, and I wouldn’t mind trying some more shades.

But why stop there? Their liners from the same range (£12.25 on BeautyBay) and their Sinfully Angelic Lipglosses (£9.50 on BeautyBay) and come in the same gorgeous packaging, so they’re making the cut too. Oh, and their Ultra Define Brow Mousses (£11.25 on BeautyBay) look pretty good too!



Jouer’s Powder Highlighters (£19 on BeautyBay) are still very much on my list of products I need to try, ever since I first saw Nikietutorials using the shade Citrine on her channel. I also wouldn’t mind getting my hands on their Long Wear Lip Crèmes (£15 on BeautyBay), which I’ve heard lots of good things about, but that I’ve avoided even looking at while trying to reduce my overall makeup spending.


Thanks to my boyfriend, I got to sample Huda’s Obsessions eyeshadows (£25 on CultBeauty) and Liquid Matte (£18 on CultBeauty) formula for Christmas last year. If I see them on offer, I will be getting my hands on more (and maybe some of her legendary eyelashes too).

Let me know what you’ll be picking up this Black Friday!

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