Testing L’Oréal Skincare | Fine Flowers Cleansing Milk, Cleansing Cream & Pure Clay Blue Algae Blemish Rescue Face Mask

Ever since I started blogging, skincare has taken on a whole new meaning. For years, all I used was a makeup remover and a moisturiser. Now I’ve added in serums, toners, acids, and while some weeks are still “bad skin weeks”, overall, things have definitely improved.

But the one thing that still eluded me was cleansing. I’ve been hearing all about double cleansing, using an oil, using a balm, and yet here I was, still using a very basic face wash, and removing my makeup with my favourite micellar water. Was I missing a trick?

In an attempt to finally nail my cleansing routine, I went down to Boots, and picked up two cleansers from the L’Oréal Fine Flowers range, specifically formulated for dry and sensitive skin. I’ve been testing them alongside their Blue Algae clay mask which I picked up a few weeks ago. Here are my thoughts on all three.

Fine Flowers Cleansing Cream


I originally picked this one up to use as a first cleanser: after all, despite being called a cream, both Boot’s and Superdrug’s described it as a balm (the texture is definitely somewhere in between the two), and on the tub it states that it will melt makeup away. The warning should have been the fact that the instructions say to keep away from the eye area.

I hadn’t actually noticed this when I first used the cream, so I did actually use it on my eyes when I tried it. While I had no issues with irritation, it didn’t do much to remove the makeup on them; rather, it shifted it around and made it more difficult to remove, meaning I had to go in with micellar water afterwards anyway.


Instead, I’ve used it as a second cleanser on days where I have been wearing makeup. I will say that it feels and smells lovely, and it does do a great job at removing the last of my foundation. The instructions say to remove the excess with a cotton pad, but I’ve been rinsing it off, and it leaves my skin feeling super soft. But as it’s no good at removing the last of my eye makeup, I’m not sure I’ll be repurchasing.

You can pick up the cleansing cream for £3.99 from *Amazon.

Fine Flowers Cleansing Milk

I can’t even remember the last time I picked up a cleansing milk! I was tempted to try it after watching a video on cleansers by Beauty Within (a good watch if you’re a little confused like me!) where they suggested it as an option for dryer skin. I figured it would be good as a second cleanser.


It comes in a huge 400 ml bottle with a pump, so it will definitely last you ages. I’ve tested it both as a face wash, and using it on a cotton pad, which is the suggested use in the instructions. Both worked really well to remove foundation and my eye makeup, although the cotton pad did better; I still had eyeshadow on my lower lashline and more mascara left without it/.

The smell is the same as the cleansing cream, and the main difference is the consistency: this one is more runny. Both of them leave my skin feeling equally as soft as the other, so when I use this one as a first cleanser, and follow it up with the cream, my skin feels absolutely amazing. This one will most likely be a repurchase, and I am tempted to try more from the range.

The cleansing milk is available at Superdrug for £5.99.

Pure Clay Blue Algae Blemish Rescue Face Mask

Some people swear by face masks; I am not one of those people. When I have tried them, I’ve always looked for moisturising ones, worried than anything else might be too harsh. After making progress in my routine however, it’s still blemishes and texture that I am most concerned about.


I hadn’t really taken any interest in L’Oréal’s popular clay masks, until I came across their Blemish Rescue mask, one of the more recent additions to their range. I’ll admit, I definitely fell for the bright blue colour it comes in, as every time I put it on, I feel like Tobias Fünke from Arrested Development.

The recommended usage is 5 to 10 minutes, twice a week. I started out with just once a week, but when I saw that my skin wasn’t reacting poorly to it, I started using it twice a week. I’ve definitely gotten more uses out of it than the suggested 10 on the box. It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and extra soft, especially when used after the cleansers! Plus I always find it looks extra glowy after applying the rest of my skincare.


Does it help to keep blemishes at bay? I would certainly agree that it helps to prevent them! If they’re already out, it won’t do much to help them disappear. The best time to use this mask is on days where you look in the mirror and you can just tell you’ll be waking up with a spot. Using this mask helps keep your pores clean, and your skin will thank you for it in the morning.

My only complaint about this is the texture of the wet clay when I wash it off: it takes on a funny smell, and there’s something about it that irks me. Still, I would love to try out their brightening mask in the future!

Get the mask from Amazon for £5.99.

Do you have any favourites from L’Oréal? Let me know in the comments!

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