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Hi guys! It feels good to be back and blogging this weekend.

You may not even have noticed I had disappeared, but last week, I decided it was time for a break. For two main reasons:

1 – Suddenly adding YouTube and two collaborations into my usual routine created a lot more work I wasn’t expecting, and I felt the need to stop and get more organised.

2 – I got number stressed. You know, when you start worrying over your stats. My Instagram engagement was dwindling, and my last review didn’t do as well as I hoped, and I felt unnecessarily upset.

So it was time to step back. And I’m glad I did, because in that time, my blog didn’t actually do too bad! I think it’s finally getting to a point where it actually manages to attract views without me posting, which I can see from the fact that for the first time, more views have come from search engines than the WordPress reader this month! And somehow, I’ve also slowly crept up to almost 300 followers. So hello to any newbies reading this!

To ease myself back into things, I decided that this week, I would share with you the lip products I have been loving recently (and a few that haven’t been as successful). So if you want to know what recommendations I have for you, just keep reading.

The Faves

Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick – Manila


Does this one look familiar? That may be because I picked it up all the way back in November last year during’s Beauty Bay’s Black Friday event! Look, I never said they were recent buys.

I had heard so much about this formula from Nikkietutorials and Sophdoesnails, and I was super excited to try it. Plus all of their shades are named after cities around the globe, which I find really cool. Then when it arrived, I barely wore it: I was after a darker, cooler shade for Winter, and the warmer nude one that turned up wasn’t season appropriate.


It was only once Spring arrived that I started picking it up more. It became a daily staple as the sun started adding colour to my cheeks, and unfortunately will probably end up being left alone the closer we get to Winter. It’s very comfortable on the lips, not too drying, and while I haven’t noticed this one to be particularly long lasting, the shade is so light that the fading isn’t too noticeable.I’m waiting for the next Black Friday sale to pick up some more!

Featured in my Gold & Blue Summer Eyeshadow Tutorial.

You can pick this and other Ofra shades from Beauty Bay for £11.

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit – Go To


I am a sucker for a lip kit, so imagine how excited I was last December when I found this one from Barry M? While it’s maybe a little dark on me to call it a nude, it’s my perfect Autumn/Winter shade, and very aptly named!


This is one of the more drying formulas on the lips, but as long as I use lip balm before doing my makeup, it stays comfortable throughout the day, and is also pretty long lasting! I do wish they sold the lipsticks individually, as mine is running out, and considering how much of the pencil I have left, buying the whole kit again seems silly. Still, it will give me an excuse to check out their other shades, as well as their new Lip Gloss kits!

Featured on Instagram.

Pick up the Barry M lip kits from Superdrug for £6.99.

LA Splash Wickedly Divine Liquid Lipstick – Evil Darling


Another Beauty Bay find. This one I picked up while looking for the perfect shade to go with my recreation of a Makeupthang look. I hadn’t tried anything by LA Splash at this point, or even heard much about them.


This was my other lipstick love this Summer. It’s a pretty tawny rose colour, which is pretty much my ideal lipstick shade, and the formula is incredibly comfortable. Plus look at that name, and that packaging! This is definitely the prettiest one of the lot. I want to try more, along with their matching glosses and their eyeliners. These are also on my for the next Beauty Bay sale.

Grab these lipsticks over on Beauty Bay for £9.50.

NYX Butter Glosses – Vanilla Cream Pie, Apple Struddel & Tiramisu

Not technically lipstick, but how could I pass up an occasion to mention these? I already have 3! I really wanted to jump on the lipgloss band wagon, and had heard a lot about these. The hardest part was picking a shade, so I went for two. After all, they’re so affordable.


These are a far cry from the glosses I remember from the early 2000’s! These are super comfortable and not at all sticky. While this isn’t the most pigmented formula out there,  they have enough colour to work on their own, but also sheer enough that it looks great over lipsticks. I grabbed Tiramisu to transition into Autumn, and I will definitely be getting more!

Featured in my Golden Halo Eye.

Find the NYX Butter Glosses at Boots for £5.50.

The Fails

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipstick – Honey Mood

On the list of brands I haven’t had much luck with this year: Bourjois. I have a whole post up on lip products of theirs I didn’t have much luck with, but I gave them another shot, and it was another fail.


The thing is, I have worn this lipstick a few times, because I love the colour. It’s stunning. It just goes a long with a long list of issues: the formula is thin, and not particularly pigmented, so it needs a lot of layering; unfortunately, it also takes a long time to dry, which makes layering pretty difficult. And it smells funny. I think they were trying to give it a nice scent, but it’s closer to paint, so I will not be buying from this range again.

Featured in my Butterfly Purple Eye.

You can buy Bourjois on the Superdrug website for £8.49.

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick – Summer Lovin


Most of the lipsticks in this post so far have been nudes, but sometimes I want something a little brighter. So, having never tried anything from Gerard Cosmetics, I picked this one up as part of yet another Beauty Bay order. And it’s definitely the biggest fail on the list.


The shade is just a bit too bright for me and doesn’t work, which is unfortunate, but happens sometimes. The formula however is a bit of a train wreck. It’s thin and patchy, but dries in a way that means it does not layer well and just makes things worse. It’s very dry, and I haven’t been able to keep it on the handful of times I’ve tried it. I wouldn’t recommend this range.

The Hydra Matte Lipsticks are available on Beauty Bay for £9.00.


These are my current favourite lipsticks! Make sure you let me know what yours are in the comments so I can try them out (because there’s no such thing as too much lipstick). See you on the next post!

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