Revolution Pro Correcting Primer in Radiant Cool Pink | Do Primers Actually Even Work??

Anyone else feel like primer is a really divisive product? Some people swear by it, others never use it and claim it doesn’t make a difference to their makeup. Personally, the best one I’ve found still remains the Nivea Post Shave Balm, which I mentioned all the way back in December in my 13 Steps to Flawless Skin, Part 2, and as the name indicates, it certainly wasn’t designed to use as a primer.

I’m not concerned about oily skin, or blurring away larger pores; instead, I need that is going to keep my makeup on through sweat, the Central line, and the apocalypse. A good primer needs to keep my base in place; it also gets bonus points if it keeps me hydrated, and provides a luminous glow: I’m all about that dewy skin. I mean, I’m not really asking for much, am I?

While we were still all melting in the heatwave (and I had a couple of train journeys planed out of London), I decided to try my luck with one of the not-so-new Revolution Pro primers, pinking out their Radiant Cool Pink one. The name certainly seemed to promise the effects I was after, but how did it do? Keep reading to find out.

First Impressions

The packaging


The primers in this range all come in simple, plastic tubes, each one in a different colour to help you easily identify which one is which. This particular one comes in a very pale pink. The tube does feel quite soft and flimsy, especially for what is sold as a “pro” brand, but I actually feel like this might make it easier to get the product out when you’re getting to the end of the tube.

The Claims

The primer promises to “add luminosity to tired skin”, which I’ll admit, definitely sounds like something I need before heading to work every day. The pink pigments are supposed to “brighten dull skin and leave the complexion looking radiant and healthy”. There are no mentions of the effects on the longevity of makeup.

The Price

The primer costs £7, which is pretty decent for a drugstore brand. The one thing that I do find extremely frustrating with Revolution (which I mentioned when I reviewed their Fast Base foundation)  is that they never seem to include the weight of their products on their website. It is however, on their packaging, and in this case you do get the standard 30 ml, so no complaints there.


The instructions say to apply and blend the product using your fingertips. It’s a very runny product (it’s water based rather than silicone), so a little does go a long way. It also blends into the skin really easily and definitely feels lightweight, although it doesn’t feel sticky or tacky in any way, unlike other primers.


I’ve seen other people use this primer and comment on the fact it gave them a white cast; I didn’t notice this, but that’s probably because the product almost matches my skintone. Applying it to only half of my face however, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that it did actually brighten my skin, particularly my undereyes. It does also seem to fill in my pores a little and smooth over my spots.


Once the foundation is on, there is a small visible difference between both sides: the primed side is a little brighter. smoother, and my spots appear to be more concealed than on the unprimed side. After finishing the rest of my makeup however, I could only really still see the effect it had on my pores; the colour correction isn’t very apparent anymore.


The Wear

More than anything else, I want a primer that will keep my foundation locked in place for as long as possible. Unfortunately, there was no difference in the wear of my makeup on either side. The weather had already started cooling down by the time I tested this, so I didn’t even have the heat to blame for ruining my makeup. Both sides were looking pretty bare after about 6 hours of wear.

The Verdict

Erm… yeah. Techincally, I suppose this product does do what it says on the tube! It only mentions brightening the skin, not increasing the life of your makeup, and it did actually initially do that. It also seemed to smooth my skin and fill in my pores, which is never a bad thing. Although the skin brightening wasn’t very visible once I had finished my makeup, I reckon this could work on those “no makeup” makeup days.

Products will always work differently for everyone, but I think you prefer wearing heavier makeup that really needs to last, this may no be the right primer for you. I will be continuing to use this as a I don’t want the product to go to waste, but I won’t be repurchasing it.

What are your favourites from Revolution Pro? Let me know in the comments!

You can purchase the primer from Revolution & Superdrug.

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