Butterfly Purple Eye | Inspired By the Norvina Palette

Hello everyone! I’m back from my holiday and straight in with a makeup look. Who else is obsessed with the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette? It’s all over my social media and it definitely feels like my kind of palette.

I mean just look at it! This is the first Anastasia palette I have felt the need to buy immediately, instead of six months after its release. Unfortunately, after one holiday and one laptop charger that decided to die as soon as we got back, I can’t really justify picking this one up.

Still, with the first few looks popping up on my Instagram feed, I felt super inspired to create something in a similar colour scheme using what I already had in my collection. The result was even better than I hoped for! Want to see what I came up with? Just keep reading to find out.

The Base


Keeping it super simple this week and avoiding foundation altogether! I mentioned in my last post I wasn’t bringing any foundation with me to Cape Verde, and I ended up surprisingly liking it. I’ll keep it up as long as my skin behaves itself, which between work and the pollution in London may not last long.

The contour palette does a great job at both contouring and bronzing, and used with a stiff brush I love the way it blends into the concealer. I finished up by baking with the RCMA powder.

The Eyes

Are you really into makeup if you don’t own the Morphe 35B? I don’t think I follow anyone on Instagram who doesn’t use it regularly. I certainly can’t seem to put it down! It is now discontinued, but let me know if you would like me to review it.


I started by priming the lid, using the PLouise base and my trusty Blank Canvas Cosmetics F17 brush as always. The first colour I went into was this cool lilac in my crease and lower lashline to create the shape for the shadow.


I added three shades in the crease: Make Up For Ever’s amazing but unfortunately discontinued Purple 92 on the outer corner, Love Letter from the Modern Renaissance palette in the middle, and the orange from the 35B on the inner third. I used a clean blending brush for each to prevent the colours from getting muddy, and repeated them on the lower lashline.


The shades I chose for the crease weren’t quite as bright as I wanted, so for the outer corner I dipped into the purple from the 35B, and for the centre of the lid I mixed the two pinks. If you haven’t used the bright pink in the palette yet, be warned: it will stain your lids. I’m sat here writing this with pink eyelids despite taking a shower and using makeup remover multiple times. I left the inner third below the orange bare.


Next I cut the crease, again with the PLouise Base and the same brush, and made sure I blended it with the pink. The last shadow I used to fill in the space was a shimmery pink from the 35B.


Is it possible to marry an eyeliner? This Inglot one has reignited my love for more graphic looks, although I think I need an even more precise brush to use with it. Still, this is the most advanced liner I have managed in a very long time! I created a dramatic wing and added a few cute dots too.

For a fun twist, I picked up one of the new Rimmel Wonder Swipes, which definitely adds dimension to the look. I lined the edge of the cut crease and the inside of the wing with it. More brands need to jump on the coloured liner bandwagon.


To finish up the look, I added highlight, liner and mascara, which of course my camera decided to focus on. No need for falsies when I use my favourite one from Urban Decay! (Also, I was getting far too hot to bother with the glue and all that mess. Seriously, our fan decided to break earlier this week and it’s unbearable in my flat. That’s also the reason I went with space buns: there was no way I was going to straighten my hair.)

The Brows


I don’t know if I’ve spoken about this brow gel enough on my blog so far, but seriously, I love it so much! I only mentioned in my last makeup look a couple of weeks ago that I wasn’t sure I felt comfortable using it on it’s own, which is how it is intended to be used.


I changed my mind when I realised how much my brows had lightened recently, meaning that all my brow products are too dark. Looks like I’ve completely moved away from the Instagram brow, and embraced the natural, fluffy look.

The Face


Keeping things simple here again, as there’s so much going on on the eyes! I used the Bourjois powder all over my face to help the other products blend better, and to counteract the matte finish from the RCMA powder.

I used this pretty pink blush by Annabelle Minerals which I was lucky enough to receive in PR, and followed it up with the classic Champagne Pop. I bought this last summer, but by the time the little tan I had faded, it was too dark for me. I’m going to make sure I get lots of use out of it throughout summer!

The Lips


Will I ever learn when it comes to Bourjois’ lip products? Not only did I review three of their products earlier this year which disappointed me, but I’ve owned one of their liquid lipsticks before and I wasn’t a fan. The formula is pretty thin, not pigmented enough for my taste, and it doesn’t dry down fully. Oh, and it kinda smells like paint, and wouldn’t layer well with gloss. On this occasion it just happens that this was the best option in our tiny local Superdrug. Admittedly, it does look a lot better in the photo than in real life. (Also, notice how my new nails match the eyeshadow?)


That’s it for the final look! What do you all think of it? Honestly, it’s one of my favourites I’ve done so far, I love how it came out! I’ll definitely be picking up some more Inglot liners in other shades so I can create more looks like this. Let’s me know in the comments if that’s something you guys would like to see!



I have some exciting plans for this blog now that I have more time on my hands, and one of them is to start collaborating with other bloggers! If you’re interested, drop me an email at aurore.blogging@gmail.com, whether you want to work on makeup looks, reviews, or anything else! I’ll see you all on the next post.


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