What’s In My Makeup Bag | Products I’m Taking On Holiday

When I first got into makeup, I became one of those people who take their whole collection on holiday with them. I never ended up using everything, but what if it turned out I did need that one item for five minutes on that one day?? I had this huge Sephora palette that took up half of my suitcase, and every holiday I used to lug it around with me.

I’m definitely not saying there’s anything wrong with doing that; personally, I’ve just found that I would rather reduce the amount of cosmetics I take to make space for something else. I mean, I definitely need to make sure I can fit my highest pair of heels in, because I’ll definitely wear them at some point!

So, now that we’re only two days away from our holiday, and in a strange attempt to make a list so that I don’t forget anything, I’ve decided to share the content of my makeup bag (and some of my current favourites) with you guys! Keep reading to find out what I’ll be taking.

Face – Liquids


Am I just getting lazier as I get older, or more practical? I’ve never been one to forgo foundation (mostly because for years, concealers were always too dark for me to wear on their own), but if two Summers of taking the central line to work have taught me one thing, it’s that sometimes, your makeup can go to waste really fast. Plus in the unlikely event that I do get a tan, my foundation would end up looking too light anyway.


I’m not a fan of the way powder products look directly on my skin, so I’m also going for cream contour, which I can also use as bronzer, and a liquid highlighter. After comparing it to drugstore liquid highlighters at the start of the year, it’s clear that I don’t get as brilliant a glow as I do with the Iconic one. 100% worth the higher price!

Face – Powders


Are you tired of hearing me talk about the Milani blushes? Well I’m not about to stop. They give my cheeks the most beautiful healthy flush, and as I don’t own any liquid blush, this was an obvious choice. I can’t wait to see how it looks when my cheeks have more colour! My concealer will still need setting to make sure it doesn’t melt away; I’ve gone with the Bourjois powder for a more luminous finish.




Nothing original for the brows! Pomades just feel like too much effort when I’m on holiday and could be doing nothing, so I’ll be going for a more natural finish.

I already knew I would be taking the Smokey Obsessions with me when I posted my review back in January. Some people prefer to know they have every colour under the sun available when they go away, but again it just seems like too much effort for me now. This palette can be used for dramatic or more natural looks, and I think the metallic shades will look stunning in the sun.


I cracked a new tube of Perversion open last week because I couldn’t bear to use the L’oréal Miss Manga for a night out (spider lashes, spider lashes everywhere!), and the same goes for going away. I always get compliments when I use this one, so there’s no need to pack some lashes away too.


And now we come to the revelation of my hypocrisy, because if there’s one thing I can’t seem to pack sensibly, it’s lip products.


I mean, the lip glosses are very pretty and incredibly comfortable, they’re just not quite pigmented enough for me.


So I need to bring Manila and Evil Darling with me, because they look perfect underneath them.


Ah, but what if we go out and I fancy a bolder lip? I mean, it is Summer, now’s the time!  I just have to take True Love with me.

So… yeah.

Skincare – AM

My skin always behaves better when I’m away from the city and pollution, so I don’t need as many products. I do plan on putting together a full skincare routine post at some point, which will contain more than I am including today.


I’ve started using the tea tree toner to keep my skin a little clearer and I see no reason to stop using it now. It sometimes feel a little like an antiseptic, but I’ve not noticed it drying out my skin, and it does a great job at keeping it clean!


For moisture I definitely can’t go without my SkinKissed serum, or my regular Hydrabio Creme. I normally travel with hold luggage only and can never take it with me, and my skin always suffers, so I’m glad this won’t be the case this year.


The eye gel is a new addition to my routine and so far I’m waiting to see any results, but I like to make sure the skin around my eyes doesn’t get dry and irritated.

Skincare – PM


The most luxurious item I own, this Lancome makeup remover isn’t my favourite, but it’s a lot more travel friendly than my Garnier Micellar Water. Despite what it claims, it does leave my face feeling greasy, but it does a great job at removing my makeup.


With AHA’s increasing the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, I’m leaving my Lactic Acid at home. Instead, I’ll double up on the serum at night, and use my favourite night cream to keep me feeling hydrated.

Sun Protection


Never forget your sun protection kids! SPF 30 is normally plenty for me in the UK, but as we’ll be much closer to he equator, and I haven’t been away for this long in the Summer since I finished school, I decided I would play it safe and stock up on SPF 50 too. As much as I would love a tan, I’m very aware of the risks that come with staying out in the sun, and they’re just not worth it.



If you still haven’t experienced the legend that is the Urban Decay setting spray, it really is time to rethink your life. I only buy this for cases of extreme necessity, because I definitely can’t afford to repurchase it all year round, but that’s because I know it does the job. If it can keep my face on while I’m sweating it out on the Central line, it’s a holy grail.


With no foundation I won’t be needing a larger sponge, so the miniature version will do. As for the brushes, it has to be my Iconic set. I use them almost every time I do my makeup (except when I forget to wash them), and things just never look as good without them. Plus the bag is perfect for fitting in all my makeup! I just also got this handy brush cleaner from my boyfriend’s parents as part of an early birthday gift, which is definitely going to get some use other the coming two weeks!


Finally I picked up a new Tangle Teezer as my current one is too large to take with us, and these mini hair masks from Garnier. How cute are they? I’ve been very impressed with the Coconut mask we’ve been using but I didn’t want to have to deal with the bulky packaging, so instead I picked up a selection of these.

And that’s it! That ended up being a long list, but I shouldn’t forget anything now! We’re flying tomorrow so this is going to be my last post until we get back. I’ll be taking a well needed break from social media, but I will make sure to share lots of pictures when I get back!

What are your favourites for travelling? Make sure you leave me a comment to let me know!

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