Shopping For the Perfect Bikini | Asos, Pour Moi?, Primark

Ah, swimwear shopping. Even when you’re not going away, it’s hard not to browse through the holiday section of every shop you enter and ponder which item you would wear to the beach. Unfortunately, with sizing issues between retailers already making clothes shopping a nightmare for many women (we’re all looking at you H&M), buying a bikini is, at the best of times, an ordeal.

Here’s how it goes: you finally find a design that you like, and it’s in a size that will actually fit you without looking borderline obscene. Hooray! Now on to finding the bottoms. Either it’s impossible to find them, because it turns out the shops have now started stocking their beachwear at Christmas and you had no idea; or when you do find them, the cut does nothing to flatter your body shape. You then move on to the next and hope the cycle will stop repeating itself at some point.


Ok, I’m being dramatic, and I’m sure it doesn’t go like this for everyone. But when you’re on the curvier side like me, finding a style that fits you, suits you, and that you actually like can get pretty stressful. Plus, with shops cranking up the temperature at every time of the year, adding to the feeling of discomfort as you attempt to try the items on, I found myself walking out of Primark on the brink of tears last year.

With only one shopping opportunity for us this year, I was dreading a repeat of this situation, somehow apparently forgetting all of this could be avoided by shopping online in the comfort of my own home. No need to filter through the crowd when instead you can filter by your budget, and your cup size which most high street shops don’t even stock!  So this year, not only does my beachwear fit, it also looks pretty good. Want to find out what I bought? Just keep reading.

Wolf & Whistle

To make sure I would find the perfect pieces, I needed to look somewhere with a variety of brands to satisfy all shapes and budgets, and Asos immediately jumped to mind. The first set I picked out was this cute navy and cream lace one from a brand called Wolf & Whistle.


I love the simplicity of this one and how pretty it is. My only wish would have been for them to offer another cut in the bottoms: as they sit quite low, I had to size all the way up to a size 16 for it not to cut me in all the wrong places. This may not bother me now, but a few years ago I would definitely have been upset by this.

Still, at £30, this is the cheapest set I purchased, and I am looking forward to wearing it by the pool! I’ll be wearing it for the first part of the holidays, as it won’t be any good at hiding all the all-inclusive food we’ll be eating!

Pour Moi?

Continuing on with the success at Asos, how gorgeous is this red number from Pour Moi? that I picked up for £43? I’ve never owned anything like it, and I love it! I wasn’t sure if I would like the high waisted bottoms, but as it turns out they are the most flattering thing I’ve ever worn (and they will definitely be perfect to cover up that holiday food baby!). Both parts fit me well, and I can honestly say this is the most confident I’ve felt in a bikini in a very long time.


My solar-powered boyfriend did question the tan lines I might get from the frilly Bardot sleeves, which  I think will be easily be rectified by slipping them off. Still, I’m pale enough that I am far more likely to reflect the sunlight than actually develop a tan, so I can’t see it being too much of an issue for me.

With two bikinis this was already a success, although more expensive than I had anticipated, but I did want one more piece to take with me. When it comes to getting in the water I tend to feel a lot safer in a swimsuit: they just feel like everything is kept safely in place. I was also so impressed by the red bikini that I wanted to see what else Pour Moi? had to offer.

Their selection of swimwear as well as lingerie really impressed me, as they offer patterns in all kinds of different cuts and sizes, perfect for everyone! It was hard to choose one, but I went with the Starboard Underwired Halter Suit in Navy/Red for £42. What’s not to love about it? I can’t wait to wear it in the pool!


Pour Moi? do not offer free delivery, but for £3.50 you do get 48 hour tracked postage. I somehow managed to swap my billing and delivery addresses so emailed their customer service to sort it out, and got a response within a few minutes, so I was very impressed there! With the excellent quality and fit of the items as well, I’ll definitely be purchasing from them again in the future.


Ok, I know I slated high street retailers earlier, but where Primark fails with it’s swimwear sizing, it redeems itself with affordable accessories! I wanted a couple of cute extras to take with me, and as finding the right swimwear had carved a bigger hole in my budget than planned, a trip there had become a necessity.


Seriously, how awesome is the print on this cover up? I can’t wait to throw it on over my new bikinis to go for a spot of lunch. And of course, let’s not forget footwear! At 90p, these watermelon flip flops were a steal, and I couldn’t pass them up.

With just under four days left until we fly out to Cape Verde, I think I can finally say that I am all done with my shopping, and ready to jet off! I will also be sharing the content of my makeup bag before we leave, so make sure you’re following me so you don’t miss out!

Where do you love to shop for your holiday outfits? Don’t forget to let me know in the comments below!