Trying an Eyelash Serum For the First Time | Bowe Organics Lash Oil

Disclaimer: This item was sent to me free of charge by the company, however all opinions are my own.

So, posting has really been on schedule for me lately, hasn’t it? Between exams and catching a lovely cold last week, I’ve not been doing well. I only have three more weeks of studying left though, and I am certainly looking forward to freedom!

This week, I do have something really exciting to share: I am reviewing the first item I received in PR! Getting a message from a brand that wasn’t offering to reimburse me for an item in exchange for a review was a fantastic surprise, and I’m really grateful to Bowe Organics for giving me the opportunity to try their product.


So, who are Bowe Organics? Well they are a small, London based company created by hairdresser Diane Bowe. After deciding she wanted to work with more organic, natural products, she created her own luxury, handmade products with ethically sourced ingredients. They are registered with the Vegan society, and are trying to gain leaping bunny status, as they are also cruelty free. Currently, they have one item, their Lash Oil, which they contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying out.

Now I’ll admit, I had never tried a lash oil or serum before: I’ve never felt I needed it. My lashes have a natural curl, so with the right mascara they can look fairly long and voluminous. After reading up on the product and seeing the great reviews it has online, I decided it would be interesting to see if it would work on me.

Ok, can we talk about the packaging and the logo? I love it! I really like the way the whole brand looks and feels. Plus the bottle came in a little lavender bag, and with a booklet explaining the different oils used in it. It’s always nice when a brand pays attention to detail like that; it’s just not something you’ll get if you’re buying from the drugstore.


The oil retails for £19.99 and you get 10 ml. That may not seem like a lot, but oils are often expensive – the higher quality ingredients they contain, the pricier they are! Plus when you open it, the liquid has a very thick consistency, and you don’t need very much product: one drop has been more than enough to cover my eyelashes on one eye, and could probably do both, so I expect this bottle would last a long time.

So after receiving it, I took a few before shots, and used one drop of product which I applied to my top and bottom lashes on my right eye only, to see if I would notice a difference against the other eye. I’ve been using it for three weeks every night before bed, with a few exceptions while I was ill when I just didn’t have the energy to go through my skincare routine.

Would it be one of my reviews if I didn’t tell you I spilt some of the product? At this point, probably not. A couple of days into trying this, I knocked the bottle over without having secured the top on, which resulted in scrubbing my carpet frantically to make sure it didn’t stain.

Before and after.png

Here’s the before on the left, and after on the right! I’m not seeing a huge difference, but my boyfriend did comment that they looked a little longer. In all fairness, I don’t think I am the target audience for the product. A lot of the reviews online were from people who had had issues with losing their hair, or had naturally very short eyelashes. The fact that I can see some very small changes on my already full lashes makes me think that someone who does have these concerns would have a lot more success with it.

While it may not have been a resounding success for me, I’m really excited to see what the company comes up with next! I’ve seen them post sneaks of their next product on Instagram, and with the owner being a hairdresser, I’m really hoping it’s a hair product. I am just really happy that Bowe Organics reached out to me and gave me the opportunity to try their product.

Have you got any secret favourites to keep your eyelashes looking luscious? Leave me your tips down in the comments!