Testing Garnier SkinActive | Micellar Waters and Honey Flower Toner

Who else is enjoying the sunshine this weekend? We certainly are! We went for lunch in the tiniest pub yesterday, and I really regret not taking my camera with me, because it definitely was blogging material! But I did get a shot of the Vader burger I tried. Excuse the poor mobile phone quality, (and the knife in the background, my food photos definitely need more practice) but I was excited to finally try one of those black bun burgers! And yes, it was delicious.


Anyway, on to this week’s review! I think you all know by now that I love playing with makeup, but just as important as finding a long lasting foundation or the perfect pigmented eyeshadows, is removing your makeup! I mentioned the Bioderma Hydrabio Micellar Water in my 13 Steps to Flawless Skin, which works great for me, but £10.80 for 250 ml of product from Boots, isn’t as budget friendly as I would like. So I decided it was time to try the very popular Garnier SkinActive range.


My relationship with Garnier has been very hit and miss over the years; in fact I remember one of their face washes giving me a reaction many, many years back. But I’ve recently enjoyed one of their eye creams, and of course their Ultimate Blends hair mask. I’ve put three of their products to the test, two micellar waters, and one toner, so keep reading to find out what I thought of them!

Garnier Micellar Water Sensitive Skin


Finding the right makeup remover has always been a struggle for me. Even ones aimed at sensitive skin can irritate my eyes and leave my skin with a burning sensation, which is why I use micellar water instead. This product has been compared to Bioderma’s Sensibio water by bloggers everywhere, and its £1.99 “Handy size” is great for trying it out. It is formulated specifically for sensitive skin, with only 7 ingredients, and is fragrance free.


Initially I did like this. In terms of removing my makeup, it did almost as well as the Bioderma one. I mean, if your boyfriend can’t tell the difference, then who will? The problem came a few weeks in when applying my concealer started feeling painful; I realised I was actually having to tug on my skin quite a lot with the cotton, which was in turn making it more sensitive.


One thing I did find a little frustrating: this particular micellar water is the only one to come in multiple sizes, and their travel-size bottle contains 125 ml of product. If you fly, then you’ll know that the limit for liquids in your hand luggage is 100 ml, meaning you wouldn’t be able to take this with you. Bioderma’s mini may set you back £5.10 for 100 ml, but at least you know you can actually travel with it.

Garnier Micellar Water Oil Infused

My first experience may have been unsuccesful, but luckily for me, Garnier offer more than one product for sensitive skin. Their oil-infused formula is also aimed for dry skin, which I have, and I figured it might be a little gentler on my eyelids. It is only available in the 400 ml size and retails for £5.99.


Guys, I think this might be my favourite affordable makeup remover. EVER. It doesn’t take my makeup off better than other formulas, but the oil means it glides on pretty effortlessly. I haven’t had any issue with my skin feeling irritated, other than on a couple of days where I’ve had to take my makeup off multiple times within a few hours. Plus, it actually does what it says on the bottle and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy (take that, Lancome Bi-Facil).


With the addition of oil, there are more ingredients listed than in the sensitive counterpart. Unfortunately, a closer look at the end of the list will show you that it does contain fragrances. It does have a fresh scent which I quite like, however considering this is a product aimed at sensitive skin, and that fragrances can be irritating, I really feel like it wasn’t necessary to add them in.

Garnier Natural Honey Flower Toner Dry Skin

I can’t actually remember the last time I had toner as a step in my routine, but while I was picking up the micellar water I noticed this new item, on offer for less than £2 (it normally retails for £3.49). That, alongside the promise of 96% natural ingredients, completely suckered me in.


On the back of the bottle, Garnier have actually listed what most of the ingredients are synthesised from, which I think is very interesting and I wish more brands would do! Fragrances are again at the bottom of the list, which I really don’t think should be included in skincare, but as this one is only aimed at dry and very dry skin, it doesn’t bother me as much.


Used after the micellar water, this toner promises to remove the last residues of makeup, and leave skin “feeling nourished and beautified”. It’s actually impressive to see just how much dirt is on the cotton after using this, showing me that I hadn’t quite removed everything before. It does also have a lovely, spring scent, and it leaves my skin feeling very fresh. But that’s about it. I haven’t noticed any sort of improvement in my skin, and even though the product is very cheap, I want to see visible results from adding an extra step to my routine.

So that’s my experience with Garnier SkinActive! It may not have started very successfully, but I’m pleased to say I’ve actually finally found a drugstore makeup remover I intend to repurchase! If you have dry skin and other products tend to leave your eyes feeling tight and uncomfortable, then I would suggest giving the Oil Infused Micellar Water a go. The sensitive version was a definite fail for me, and as for the toner, it’s nice, but I don’t think it’s worth repurchasing. And as always to see more details of this week’s makeup look, make sure you’re following me over on Instagram!


You can purchase the Garnier SkinActive ranges from Boots and Superdrug.

Let me know what your recommendations from Garnier are in the comments!