Building My (Second Hand!) Summer Wardrobe – A Mini Haul

Hi everyone! Who else has been enjoying the sunshine this week? It’s not been fun to see most of it through the windows at work, but at least I’ve enjoyed a lot of ice cream to make up for it. I’m not looking forward to having to wear tights again once it cools down, so for now I’ll console myself by planning my outfits for the Summer.

The only problem with trying to shop for a whole new wardrobe (or even just finding a few items for a holiday) is that it can work out pretty expensive, so to cut down costs, I like to buy second hand. Wearing clothes that someone else has already lived in might not be to everyone’s taste, luckily though, I don’t mind. I’ve been doing it for years now and it’s not only a great way to find clothes on a budget, but selling them is also a fantastic way to recycle clothes you don’t wear anymore. So here are my latest finds for this Summer!

Black Milk Clothing

I have been following Black Milk for years now. They are an Australian brand that started out by making high quality leggings in original prints, and who gained a lot of popularity with some of their more nerdy collections – you’ve probably seen their Harry Potter or Star Wars collections in a Buzzfeed post at some point! Their most recent success was designing items for Beyonce’s backup dancers at Coachella.

I used to buy from them a lot, but unfortunately the changes in exchange rate, the import customs to pay on delivery, and now the postage fees they have started charging meant that purchasing directly from their website became very expensive. Luckily, Black Milk has a huge cult following on Facebook, and multiple groups dedicated solely to buying and selling second hand items. After not buying from them for just over a year, I came across two discontinued pieces I had been looking out for, and I already know they’ll be perfect for my holiday.


The first one I found (and the most expensive item on this list) is called the Great Wave Marilyn. BlackMilk have been featuring the famous Hokusai print on their items for years, but their Marilyn cut is a more recent creation. This one is a little short to wear for work, so I think with a blouse underneath and navy heels I bought back in February, it will look perfect to go out for drinks during the Spring. Marilyn dresses usually retail on Black Milk’s website for 95 AUD (£52.04 today), and I got it for £45. Not much of a discount, but it’s in perfect condition so I’m more than happy with it.


My second purchase is the Olympus Orange Reversible Skater dress. This is my favourite cut from Black Milk, and I live in these dresses all year round.  I don’t know if I’ll pull this one off in the winter, but I’m already so in love with it! The Greek vase print is perfect for any ancient history nerd, or even any Disney nerd; you’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen Hercules. There is also a white and blue version which I wouldn’t mind finding too, because that one would look perfect with a tan. This dress retailed for 85 AUD (£46.57), but this one was purchased at a discount from a sample sale, so I actually got it for only £33 including shipping all the way from Australia! Oh and I convinced my boyfriend to take a few outfit pictures too.





Never underestimate the power of eBay when it comes to finding a bargain! I have bought so many items through them over the years (including some Black Milk!), and you can always sell the item on if it doesn’t suit you, or if you change your mind.


I love blazers for that period in May and June when you don’t need several layers of clothes to survive anymore, but it’s not quite warm enough to have your shoulders out everyday. I had been trying to find a mint one for months, but didn’t want to pay full price for it, and finally scored this gorgeous waterfall one from New Look for just £6.20.

How perfect is it? I paired it with yet another Black Milk dress for the photos, the Cherry Blossom Blue Reversible Skater dress, and we even managed to find a tree to match!


Spring Look Picture 3

Additional photos will be featured on CharlieStar’s blog later this week, so definitely make sure you check out her Spring lookbook and all the other talented beauty bloggers she will be featuring!

New Look

Ok, so they’re not second hand, but I thought I would mention my latest pair of shoes, featured in the photos. I didn’t really have any suitable pairs so I ordered these Suedette Gladiator Heeled Sandals from New Look. I knew they would work great with the Olympus dress, and after using a gift card and my student discount I only ended up paying £3.68 for them, so they definitely count as a bargain!




Also definitely not second hand, but this one is an important one to remember: sunscreen. Being very pale I am quite careful throughout summer anyway, but now that I am using a chemical exfoliator on a regular basis, I had to start early this year. I went with the Vichy Ideal Soleil Velvety Face Sun Cream SPF50+, currently on sale for £12.37. It’s suitable for dry skin, contains Hyaluronic Acid for moisture, and has alcohol listed much lower in the ingredients than a lot of other products. If you have questions about sunscreen, I strongly recommend watching Stephanie Nicole’s video on them. it’s an hour long, but very in depth and super helpful.

That’s it for my first summer haul! I already have plans for a few more second-hand outfit posts, so make sure you’re following me so you don’t miss them! And of course, don’t forget to check out my Instagram for the product details on both my makeup looks featured in the photos.

Have you ever found any second hand bargains? Let me know what they were in the comments below!