Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation – What’s the Catch?

Hi everyone! This week I have been putting the incredibly hyped Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation to the test…

“Hey, wait a second, Aurore!” I hear you say. “Didn’t you just post a foundation review two weeks ago?”

Um, yes, I did, but that was a high end, expensive foundation. This one is drugstore and super affordable…

“And that’s another thing! You keep telling us you have a holiday to save up for, but you’ve just spent more money on makeup??”

OK, yes, well I actually I paid off our holiday this week (yay!) so a little spending is back on the cards. I popped into Superdrug last weekend for some false lashes and glitter liner, and they happened to be running a 3 for 2 offer! Plus the gorgeous Rebecca from AllThingsAllatt recently mentioned that Revolution’s Fast Base foundation is actually a dupe for the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Stick Foundation, which by now you probably know is my all time favourite foundation. So at £5 vs. £31, it was time to jump on the hype train. Let’s find out what I thought of it!

First impressions


The packaging

The foundation comes in a sleek, nude tube, which definitely gives me KKW Beauty vibes. After all, it is in line with the dupes of her contour kits Revolution recently released. It’s also very slim, so perfect for keeping in your makeup bag for touch ups!

The shade range

Shade Range 2

Taken from Superdrug

The Fast Base’s 18 shades are one of the reasons there was so much buzz around it. They have a good range covering different undertones from light to dark shades, which is pretty good for a drugstore foundation!

The price

Alongside the shade range, people were very excited about the cost: £5. Now, the packaging is very narrow, and I’ve already made a solid dent into the product after a week, so I lifted the label on the tube to find the weight. It contains 6.2 g of product, which is actually only 1 g less than the expensive Hourglass Vanish Stick (£42!). That’s also a lot less than MUFE’s whopping 45 g; you would need 7.25 tubes of Fast Base to get the same amount!


Now, I appreciate it may be easier to budget for multiple tubes of the Revolution foundation than paying out for the larger product in one go. However, Debenhams lists the cost per 100 g of the MUFE as £68.89; in comparison, Fast Base comes in at £80.65. So, to get 45 g of product, you would actually end up paying £36.25. So much for value for money.


The colour match


I went with the shade F1, which is for fair skin with neutral undertones. I’m more on the cool side, so F3 would apparently have been a better pick, but it’s light enough for my skintone that I can get away with it.

The tools


Makeup Sponge

Since I started using beauty sponges, I have avoided brushes with stick or full coverage foundations. Surprisingly though, when I tried my Iconic London Foundation Buffer, I actually much preferred the result! It left the foundation much smoother and with a little more coverage, so I’ll be switching to that.



The coverage


Applying this straight from the tube, it’s super thick and creamy so I was expecting it to be a full coverage foundation; after blending it out, it’s actually on the more medium side. A second layer (which I also need for the MUFE foundation) and the Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer helps give an almost flawless, lightweight finish without caking up.

The finish


After concealing and baking

Revolution’s website says this gives a dewy finish, but on my dry skin, it’s actually almost matte and very velvety. It almost dries down completely on me, so I only need to bake my undereyes and nose using my trusty RCMA powder, and once the rest of my makeup is on, I use the Revolution Radiance palette to give my skin more of a glow. On the other hand, if you have oily skin, MorgieReacts did mention in her review that she needed to powder throughout the day.

The wear

I have tested the Fast Base every day this week. Because I do wear glasses, my foundation never lasts on my nose. This is probably the best a foundation has lasted in that area, with some fading right under the glasses, and only a little caking around the base. It also settled into my smile lines, but pretty much all of my foundations do.


I had some more interesting results on the rest of my face. On Tuesday I loved the way it looked. It clinged a little to dry spots (I was having a bad, bad skin week) but other than that, it stayed smooth and looked fantastic. On Wednesday however, I had a completely different result: by the time I got to work, it was already fading and my skin didn’t look as nice as before. I hadn’t done my makeup any differently, but I hadn’t exfoliated the night before (I am currently testing The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5%), so I did that night, and the foundation looked fantastic again on Thursday. I did try using the hydrating MUA Pro Base primer on Friday, to see if that would help, but again the texture looked awful by the time I checked at lunch. I do always exfoliate doing my makeup for an event anyway, but I won’t be able to use it on a daily basis.


MUFE left, Fast Base right

Of course you know by now, I can’t complete a review without putting it up against the MUFE foundation. I actually got more coverage out of the Fast Base, and it was definitely the more matte of the two. The routine I used all week for concealer and powdering didn’t work with the MUFE: my imperfections were not concealed as well, and because I didn’t set my whole face, part of the product actually rubbed while I was doing my eye makeup. So the MUFE foundation requires more work, but it’s also more reliable no matter what day I use it on.

The verdict

I was so excited when I went into this review, and it has left me with very mixed feelings. Would I repurchase it? Not when I run out. The results have been too unpredictable, and it’s not actually good value for money.

Saying that, I am glad to know the option is out there. If I was in a situation where I ran out of my favourite and couldn’t afford it that month, or I travelled somewhere and happened to forget it, then I know that I could get this as a one off, providing I exfoliated before using it. But I will continue to go back to MUFE afterwards, because it does remain my holy grail.


And of course full details of this look are available on my Instagram, plus I’ll be posting a bonus look this week, so make sure you’re following me to see it!

The Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation is available from Tam Beauty and Superdrug.

Have you tried any of the Revolution foundations? What do you think of them? Don’t forget to let me know in the comments below!