Pastel Pout – Testing Bourjois Lip Products

Hi everyone! This week has been good: the weather is finally improving, I went out for dinner and a film on Friday with the boyfriend and, somehow, I made it to 200 followers! I’ll admit, I won’t be truly happy until I start leaving for work without simultaneously being cold outside and overheating on the Central line (or just until I don’t need to thaw the Nutella over my toaster to eat it). But knowing that just over 200 people have read my blog and decided subscribing was worth their time is truly amazing. I only ever really expected my boyfriend to read it. And maybe my mum.

Springtime means it’s out with the darker colours (Subculture, you’ll be missed) and in with brighter shades, both in my wardrobe and makeup routine. So this week is the perfect time to review these pastel pink lip products from Bourjois.


I always feel like I never buy Bourjois products, but that definitely isn’t the case! I got my first ever red lipstick from them, which came in this cool packaging but is now definitely way past its expiration date. I loved their clear, mint flavoured lipgloss back in school. Anyone else remember it? No? Come on, the advert showed a woman using it so that her boyfriend wouldn’t smell the cheese on her breath when he kissed her. Still no? Man, I think I’m getting old.


Lately the trend has switched from matte liquid lipsticks to glosses. I really wanted to jump on the bandwagon, so I went on to the Boots website for some scientific research. I found the Bourjois Effet 3D glosses, which have a rating of 4.5 stars; as there was a 3 for 2 offer running, I chose a matching Rouge Edition Lipstick and Contour Edition Lip Liner (all featured in my last haul).

Contour Edition Lip Liner – 02 Cotton Candy


I don’t actually know if liner really helps my lipstick last longer, but my routine doesn’t quite feel complete if I skip it. Since I started using it, I have always made sure to have one in this shade of pink on hand. I love a rich, creamy formula like the Kylie or Huda pencils, that glides on easily and doesn’t feel like it might rip your lips off in the process.


Because this liner looks more like a “traditional pencil”, I was worried it would fall in the second category. While it isn’t as soft as some other brands, it is much more comfortable than I expected and does feel quite creamy on the lips. It swatches great, but isn’t as pigmented on the lips, so my lips aren’t as defined as I would like.


I decided to see if the liner could really help my lipstick last longer, by filling in only one side of my lips: the lipstick faded at the same rate on both of them, although again, I’ve never noticed a difference in wear time with any lip pencil. At £4.99, it’s not a bad pencil, but I probably wouldn’t rush out to buy another one.

IMG_1491 Option 1.jpg

Rouge Edition Lipstick – Rose Tweed


I’ve pretty much ditched bullet lipsticks for liquid formulas over the past couple of years, but I had good memories of that first Bourjois lipstick, so a new one seemed like a good idea. I love the shade that I picked up: it’s pretty much my perfect everyday nude, however I don’t think the formula is right for me.


The lipstick feels very creamy and soft when applying it, and does apply with a good amount of pigmentation. My issue with it is that it promises to give you “10 hours hydration”, yet has zero staying power: by the time my fifty minute journey to work is done, it’s already faded away without leaving my lips feeling particularly moisturised. While I knew it wouldn’t stay on as long as a liquid lipstick, it performs below my expectations. 


I’m sure this formula would suit other people perfectly. Personally, I don’t want to reapply my lipstick all day long. I do like the shade, and I will keep it for days where I do want a more natural option, but at £7.99 I could probably have picked up something better.

Effet 3D Lipgloss – 05 Rose Hypothétic


Finally, on to the one item that set this whole post into motion: the gloss! The Effet 3D range has been around for a while, as apparently it had a makeover for it’s 10th anniversary. Not that it looks any different to what I remember, I just wish they still had the minis you could attach to your phone! (Back when you could attach things to your… yep, too old, never mind)


Just like the lipstick, the gloss promises to hydrate your lips, but only for 8 hours. Again, I didn’t notice much extra moisture, maybe a little more than with the lipstick, but I’m still not sure how a product that needs reapplying constantly could live up to that expectation.


As it does contain very fine glitter, I expected it to be chunky and sticky, but on the lips it actually feels fairly comfortable. I did find it a little gritty when applied over another product, but no more than my Huda Beauty lip strobe. It’s not as pigmented as the glosses we’ve seen recently, but out of the three this one really defines my lips the best. At £7.99, it’s cute, and so far the item I’ve used the most.

I definitely wouldn’t call any of these bad products, but I do think I could have spent my money on a different lipstick and liner. The pigmentation was alright; it’s the staying power that disappointed me. I’m not quite convinced to leave my liquid lipsticks behind just yet. If you prefer your lip products to be more muted, and you’re not fussed about reapplying them products all day long, then you might enjoy these more than me.


You can buy these from Boots and Superdrug. Full details of the look available on my Instagram.

Do you have any lip gloss recommendations for me? Leave them in the comments below!