It’s a Haul! What I Bought This Payday

Hey guys! Remember that thing I said about buying less while I save to pay off my holiday? And that other one, about focusing on my studying? No? Well apparently neither do I, because I booked a few days off work this week, and somehow found myself in the middle of Westfield in Stratford. In my defence, we’re attending a christening next weekend and I needed a new outfit. Want to know what I bought? Just keep reading!


New Look


I would have liked to get a handbag too but couldn’t find one to match. But otherwise , with my student discount, that’s a full outfit for under £50!


I also managed to find these ankle boots for £3!! How cute are these? Definitely check out the sale section in your local shop, you never know what you might find.

Marks & Spencer


No shopping trip is complete without stocking up on tights! I probably won’t be using these for a while because it is still crazy cold here in England, but at least I’ll have them already for when the weather warms up.



My current skincare routine is great, but a little pricey right now, so I’ve decided to try experimenting with some more affordable options. Plus, Superdrug had two offers running when I picked these up: they had a Buy 1 Get 2nd 1/2 Price, and they were giving away this Skin Republic Bubble Face Mask with the purchase of three skincare items! I’ve never tried a bubble mask, so i am very excited to give this one a go.


As well as skincare, I am also changing up my hair routine! I needed a new hair mask, and this one has 101 reviews on Superdrug’s website, with a score of almost five stars. Plus it was reduced to £3.32. Definitely expect a review at some point!


Of course I couldn’t go into Superdrug without grabbing some makeup! I needed a new setting spray, and I’ve had my eyes on the highlighter palette for a while, but after loving the Soph palette, I couldn’t wait to get it anymore.



My favourite moisturiser was running out, but I had enough new skincare products for now, so I went into Boots to get a new jar. If you want to see this in action as part of my routine, check out my 13 Steps to Flawless Skin.


I love a good Instagram brow, but it just takes too long in the morning. I’ve had some hit and miss experiences with NYX so far, but this seems to be raved about, so we’ll see how it goes.


Who can resist a good 3 for 2 offer? I finally wanted to give in to the gloss trend, and after realising I hadn’t bought one or an actual bullet lipstick in years, I figured this would be a good time to try them both again. I also picked up a matching lip liner for good measure. My review is now available if you want to know what I think of them!

Beauty Base


So it turns out that after months of pining over American brands I’d seen on YouTube, and thinking I could only find them online, I found out there was a shop stocking them right under my nose. I’ve been loving the Baked Blush in Luminoso and after decluttering my collection, I had a need for a new pink one.



This might look like a tiny purchase from Asos, but I got this because my boyfriend was putting together his own haul (I mean, guest post?), so I asked him to add this on for me. Chemical peels are all over the internet right now, with glycolic acid being the star. But after a little research, I found that a lactic acid solution might work better for my skin. Plus it’s an excuse to finally try something from The Ordinary!



  • Twin Magnetic Pallette (£6.60 each, originally £16.50)

MyKitCo are discontinuing their awesome and affordable magnetic palettes. Fortunately for me, that meant I paid less than full price for two palettes including postage! I definitely recommend grabbing some while they are still in stock if you’re planning on decluttering your collection.

Beauty Bay


Guys, remember that other thing I said when I reviewed the Soph palette? You know the one, how I couldn’t justify buying another eyeshadow palette because I have enough I don’t use already? Yeah well, Beauty Bay reduced 2017’s most controversial palette to £33, so I slipped and fell in head first. I now have a full review available on this, so definitely check it out!

And that’s it! Well, that actually feels like a lot. This is what happens when I don’t get to go shopping for a couple of months! But this is definitely plenty to keep the blog posts coming! And I still managed to come up with a look this week, using as many of these products as I could!


What about you? Have you treated yourself to anything recently? Make sure you let me know in the comments!