Mint Chocolate Scented Eyeshadows?? Reviewing the Mint Chocolate Palette

Hi everyone! Today’s product is one I just couldn’t make my mind up about. I’ve rewritten this review so many times, but I think I’ve finally come to a decision. So, let’s get into it and look at the I Heart Chocolate Mint Chocolate Palette.


I’ve only been blogging for four months, but I’m already feeling pressured into constantly buying new products.  Unfortunately, having a holiday to pay off and working full-time while studying makes that very difficult.  Luckily, my makeup collection is full of products that I’ve already tried and tested! Yes, writing about brand new products does boost views, but it would be more a first impression. So while this palette was released back in Autumn, I feel like I’ve now tried it enough to give you my opinion on it.


Part of the TamBeauty group, I Heart Makeup are notorious for their dupes of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes. Known as the I ♡ Chocolate range, they have expanded to copying other brands, such as Huda Beauty and Anastasia Beverly Hills. I chose the Mint Chocolate palette because it looked like it might be a dupe for the Subculture palette, which it isn’t.


For £8.99, you get 16 shades: that’s 7 mattes, 8 “shimmers” and 1 duochrome (more on these later); this includes two larger highlighting shades. You also get a mirror, a sponge tip applicator, and a plastic sheet with the shade names. The plastic packing is designed to look like a slab of chocolate dripping in mint, with a cardboard box to match. It’s very eye catching, so it’s hard not to want to collect them all! The shadows are also scented to smell like chocolate.


For the price, the formula is mostly good. The neutrals and warm shades are quite nice on the eye: they’re pigmented and blend out well, which is great for a drugstore product! These offer everything you need for some great everyday looks, including highlight and transition shades.


Things get tricky with the Poison Ivy. This exciting shade is the one that reminded me of Subculture. It looks more blue in the pan, but comes out green swatched. Unfortunately, it’s pretty patchy, but will look nice if you spend time building it up.

Now on to the shimmers! Or metallics? Yeah, I’m not sure what finish they’re supposed to be, and TamBeauty’s website doesn’t have answers. They’re just… not matte. The pigmentation on these is also lovely, and you will achieve the best results using your fingers to apply them.


There’s a surprising lack of variety with these. When swatching Engaged and Compromised next to one another, they look eerily similar. And it’s not just those ones. Commotion is a lot more blue than Poison Ivy, but on the eye I can barely tell them apart. I feel like it could be a little lighter to create more contrast.

IMG_0722On to the duochrome, Lust. This one is…  interesting. It swatches nicely (although it’s difficult to photograph the shift!), and it seems to dupe MAC’s Blue Brown pigment. But the duochrome effect is lost when applied to the eyes, and instead you get a metallic brown shade which we’ve already seen once (or twice!).

I really wanted to make it work, so I tried it over the NYX glitter glue. When I used my finger, the eyeshadow started disintegrating! This thankfully doesn’t happen with a brush, and you actually get the duochrome effect in all its glory.


I thought I would mention that the metallic shades are developing a layer on top of them. It’s worst on the duochrome (after using it with a wet brush whoops), but it’s happening on all of them. I’ll just scrape it off, but it seems like a waste of product. Other than these little issues, the quality is quite good for a drugstore palette under £10.


So, what is my problem with this palette? Well, considering how exciting the colour scheme looks, I’m actually surprisingly uninspired. I mentioned it in my Christmas Party post and I was adamant I would use it throughout winter. Looking at my Instagram, I did use it in several looks, but I only had three where I used it exclusively: one warm, one cool, and one natural. For the others, I just used a couple of shades alongside other products. Fast forward to Christmas, and I stopped using it completely in favour of my new toys.

When I decided to review the palette, I realised I needed to experiment some more with  it, so I tried to come up with some new looks: I hated it so much I took it off and tried again, but I still wasn’t happy with the result. Sometimes experimenting goes wrong! So I tried to get inspiration from YouTube and Instagram, I seemed to find everyone creating the same two looks. They weren’t quite identical, but they had either used the green and blues shades (the standout shades of the palette), or they went with a warm look. The only one that stood out was one created by makeupbytammi.

Eventually, after some more experimenting, I actually came up with something! It’s very graphic and dark, but it’s different, and that’s what I wanted. Admittedly, I did end up using a few other products to get the result I wanted (full list of everything used on my Instagram!).


Would I recommend that you go out and buy this palette? My personal opinion is no. The overall quality is good for the price, and if you don’t mind only getting the same few looks out of it, then it will work for you. But if you want a palette that you can get lots of different looks out of without needing other shadows, then I don’t think this is for you. You would probably have more luck with some of the other chocolate palettes, or if you’re really keen on colour, then something like NYX or Morphe, which are more expensive, might be a better investment for you.

You can buy the palette from TamBeauty and Superdrug.

Have you tried any of the chocolate palettes? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!