Glow With the Makeup Revolution x Sophdoesnails Highlighter Palette

Hi everyone! It feels good to be back and blogging again. That’s right, you may or may not have noticed, but we had our first casualty of the year last week: I missed a post. Not because I was overwhelmed by studying, as I expected. I was actually so on top of it last week, that I was planning on going to a friend’s birthday and posting this review.

Unfortunately, while out, disaster struck: I slipped, fell, and injured myself. I didn’t break anything, but it was painful enough that I was off work for the week, and I couldn’t finish up this post. I took the opportunity to rest from all my usual activities and caught up on some sewing and Netflix. We also booked our holiday because I needed something to cheer me up, so something good came out of this week!

Anyway, now I’m all better, I can finally post this review, which I was really excited to bring you guys. This is a makeup category I haven’t touched on yet on my blog, even though it’s one of my (and most of the beauty blogosphere’s) favourites. I’m talking, of course, about highlighters! So today, I’ll be talking about the Makeup Revolution x Sophdoesnails highlighter palette.


Note to self: take pictures of products when they are brand new…

I think this might be the YouTuber collab I’ve been most excited for. Ever. Soph is genuine and all round adorable, and she focuses mainly on drugstore products. So to see her working with the biggest name in drugstore makeup and dupes right now to bring her subscribers products they could actually afford made me really happy.


The collab consists of a 24 pan eyeshadow palette for £10, and an 8 pan highlighter palette for £8. Even for the price I couldn’t justify another eyeshadow palette when I barely use the ones I already have, no matter how gorgeous the shades. The highlighters, however, caught my eye, so I picked them up from my local Superdrug and used my student discount for some extra money off, meaning they came in at less than £1 per highlighter! Pretty amazing considering the usual cost of makeup collaborations.


I think the packaging is the same as Revolutions’ other 8 pan highlighter palettes, a fairly solid plastic case with a window on the front, but it is a pale yellow instead of the usual black, and it has Soph’s signature on it. It also came in a cardboard sleeve in the same colour which I think also had a window on it, but I didn’t keep it as it was starting to suffer and look a bit damaged.


In this palette you get 3 pressed and 5 baked highlighters. There’s a great variety of shades, from a blinding white to a coppery brown, and even a pink and a lilac. You could almost divide the palette between the warm shades on the right, and the cooler ones on the left (the pale gold on the right almost looks cool in comparison to the others).

What’s great is that the palette really caters to all of Soph’s audience, no matter their skintone. It also allows you to switch between shades depending on the season without having to buy another product. Any of the remaining shades can double up as eyeshadow, so it’s definitely great value for money, and it will be perfect to take on holiday!


Pigmentation wise, I had high expectations. After all, Soph is one of those YouTubers who loves a blinding highlight. And they do swatch beautifully! They also don’t appear glittery at all. But when I applied  them to my face, I didn’t get the same result as she did in her demo. I was layering them up, and I even tried spraying my brush or applying it after my setting spray, but it didn’t seem to make a difference.

So I wasn’t glowing as much as I had hoped for. But I wasn’t actually mad at it! I realised that this makes the perfect everyday palette, because when used with a fan brush, it adds a subtle sheen which is perfect even for work. Even when photographed with all the right lighting equipment, they don’t pop as much as other products, but they give off a lovely, wet-look shine, and don’t emphasise my texture.

I’ve been sticking to the left half of the palette, because it works great on my paler skin. My current go to shade is the light gold, which would normally wash me out at this time of year, but layered over Milani’s Baked Blush in Luminoso it makes me look really healthy and less ghostly! I also enjoy the white for something a little stronger without going overboard, the pink as a blush topper, and surprise, even the lilac! It gives a cool glow without being too striking. And hopefully once I see the sun again and pick up a little colour, I can expand into the other half of the palette a little. Here’s the look I created this week; I even used all the gold shades on my eyes! (Full list of products available on my Instagram as always).


So, would I recommend getting this palette? I absolutely would. They might not be the best highlighters in my collection, but I use it every day. And it’s only £8!  YouTuber collaborations are always very exciting, but the prices are often inflated, and sometimes the quality isn’t there. This not only has a shade for everyone, but it’s also easy to get hold of and it won’t break the bank, which is really refreshing to see. So if you were on the fence about getting this one, I definitely think it’s worth purchasing. I know I want to get my hands on another of their highlighter palettes!


What are your favourite Makeup Revolution products? I know their dupes can be pretty controversial, but they do make some great quality drugstore makeup! Let me know what you think in the comments.