Obsessed With The Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions Palette?

Hi everyone! This week, I’m reviewing the Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions palette. Hence the lame title. Sorry guys, but really, I’m not sorry.


Before getting into it, I’d just like to thank everyone for all the love on last week’s post! Not only did it receive the most views and likes of any of my posts in 24 hours, but it’s become my most liked post so far. So a huge thank you for taking the time to read and appreciate it, and if you haven’t already, you should definitely check it out.

Huda Beauty is one of those brands that was impossible to miss last year. What started off as eyelashes turned into one of the most hyped brands of 2017. Her large eyeshadow palettes in particular receiving completely polarised reviews. I really wanted to know if it was worth the hype, so when my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for Christmas, this made the top of my list.


I hadn’t heard much about the Obsessions range at the time. The larger palettes being sold out at Christmas, my boyfriend picked out the Smokey Obsessions palette. The colour scheme looked great, and I was over the moon to finally get the opportunity to try her formula.

IMG_0239First off, let’s talk about the size. After spending £25, you might get a bit of a shock: they are tiny! It almost fits in the palm of my hand. You’re getting 9 shadows, with a mix of mattes and metallics (the ratio depends on the palette), and each one weighs 1.1 g. U.Glow.Girl Blog created a handy little table comparing the price and weight of the Obsessions to the Desert Dusk and other palettes. The Obsessions do come in at a higher cost per gram than Huda’s larger palette, but at £25 they are much more accessible.

The Smokey Obsessions comes with 4 mattes and 5 metallics. Some people might prefer more matte shades, but I’m happy with this ratio. The shades are neutral,  leaning on the warm side. You also get a gold as well as a silver, so you have the option to take your look in completely different directions.


There’s a good variety of shades, from a range of browns to rose gold shimmers. It is missing a brow highlight shade, so I can’t quite get a complete look out of it, which is a shame for travelling. But maybe someone with much darker skin than me would be able to get a full look out of this.



Top without flash, bottom with

The pigmentation is great. I feel like I wasn’t expecting much from multiple shades of brown, but it turns out they are pretty incredible. The mattes may not swatch that great, but they blend out effortlessly on the eyes and the pay off is pretty good without too much building up. The metallics are lovely but do look better if you spray your brush or use your fingers. Overall, I don’t think I have many other palettes with which I can achieve a look which isn’t patchy with so little effort.

IMG_0210 Close UpMy favourite shade would have to be the black. I would normally choose shimmers or metallics, but before Christmas I was looking for the perfect matte black eyeshadow, because all of mine were failing me. I’ve finally found it! Black is a shade that some companies get completely wrong, but Huda has a winner here. It may not swatch amazing, but it’s pigmented, it blends out well, and it’s not patchy. Yes, I’ve said that about all the shades, but it’s truest with this one. I’d love for this to be released as a single eyeshadow, I think it would be a great staple.

So, am I obsessed with this palette? Absolutely! I’ve used this palette in every makeup look I’ve done since I got it. The shades are really versatile, so you could use this in the morning for a natural look for work, but also rock a dark smokey eye for going out. Here’s this week’s look I came up with using it.


The price tag may seem a little hefty for its size, but I think that this is perfect if you’re looking to get your first high end palette and you don’t want to break the bank. Or even if you already have an extensive collection of makeup, the quality of these is too good to pass up! I need to get my hands on all of her eye shadows now.

What do you think of Huda Beauty? Let me know in the comments!