Reviewing the Iconic London Ultimate Brush Set

Hi everyone! To kick off my 2018 reviews, I thought I would start with the pièce de résistance of my Christmas haul. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Iconic London Ultimate Brush Set.


Beautiful, aren’t they? I got them as part of the Boyfriend Buys My Makeup Challenge, and they were probably the best surprise of the lot. About 95% of my brushes were  bought on eBay, so this is a nice change! I even got them their own matching rose gold pot because they were too pretty to be kept with the others.


The set retails for £75, and for that price you get 12 brushes, along with this adorable matching pouch, which makes a great makeup travel bag! They look luxurious, and are also insanely soft. Plus, everything from Iconic London is vegan and cruelty free.

Unfortunately, the brush names are not written on the handles, so I got these from Iconic’s website.

1: Large Powder


Left to right: Iconic, Ebay

Look at how big and fluffy this one is! It diffuses my powder much more lightly and evenly than my old duo fibre brush from eBay, so I don’t end up all cakey!

2: Tapered Powder


Iconic, Jemma Kidd

Ever since my Black Friday Haul, I’ve been using my Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso daily for a healthy glow, but my Jemma Kidd Blush brush was leaving it looking patchy. This one isn’t very precise, so you do apply blush to a larger surface, but it blends the product out perfectly and looks even more natural.

3: Foundation Buffer


Ebay, Iconic

If you’ve read any of my foundation reviews, you’ll know that I was on the hunt for a new foundation brush. My pink duo fibre brush from eBay was making most products  look pretty streaky. This one is densely packed so does a fantastic job at blending my foundation without leaving streaks. Plus, it’s super soft, so it feels lovely against your skin!

4: Contour Buffer


Avon, Ebay, Iconic

I already had a fake Real Techniques Bold Metal brush with the same shape as this one, but most people probably don’t have one like this in their kit. It does a good job at applying my regular contour powder (NYX HD Blush in Taupe), although it’s not as precise as my Avon angled contour brush.

5: Angled Powder


Iconic, Ebay

I’ve been using this one for my bronzer. It’s isn’t as big as the one I was using before, but  angled brushes really help to create those chiselled features, and after all the food I ate over the holidays, I need all the help I can with my cheekbones!

6: Concealer blender

Guys, I didn’t think it was possible, but this brush left me feeling stupid. When I got this set, I was convinced it contained 3 blending brushes. It seemed like a lot, but I wasn’t complaining! After checking Iconic’s website, I found out it’s actually a concealer brush. Well, I think it’s this one. Brush names and listing them in the same order as in the picture would be helpful Iconic.


Sephora, Iconic

While it won’t help to carve my brows out, it’s definitely in a better condition than my old Sephora concealer brush! I’ve been using it to apply my Maybelline Color Tattoo in Crème de Rose (I can’t reach inside the pot with my acrylic nails…) and it applies without any streaks! I also tried it with my MAC Pro Longwear under my eyes, but it didn’t do a great job, so I think I’ll keep it for cream products.

7: Flat Fan Brush


Ebay, Iconic

I’ve been meaning to get a fan brush for so long, so I was very excited to have one in the set. So far, I’m enjoying it! I’ve use it daily for my highlighter, usually the Revolution x Soph Does Nails palette, and it gives me a lovely, natural finish. It is more precise than my other highlighter brush, but it doesn’t give me that blinding highlight, so I use this one for natural, everyday makeup.

8: Large Shader


Ebay, Ebay, Elf, Urban Decay, Iconic

Once again, I’m guessing I’ve got the right brush here (I’ve gone through all the other options!), because this is not what I would call a shader brush. Most companies would call a flat shadow brush a “shader” brush. I’ve been using it to build up my transition shades on my crease, and it is such an upgrade from my old brushes. It makes blending effortless! I’m barely reaching for anything else right now.

9: Medium Angled Shader


Iconic, Ebay, Ebay

Ok, this one I know I have right! I didn’t really have anything else like it before, and I really like it! It’s perfect for blending over the edges of the concealer in a half cut-crease look. It’s not one that I need on a daily basis, but it does a fantastic job when I use it.

10: Tapered Blending Brush


Iconic, Revlon, Ebay, Ebay

You know when you get something new and you wonder how you lived before having it? That’s how this brush feels. I use this one after the “shader” brush to deepen my crease with darker shades. I’m still no professional, but at least my eyeshadow doesn’t look patchy anymore!

11: Small Angle Brush


Enter a caption

I don’t know why, but I never really use my angled brushes for eyeliner. I’m not loving my current liquid liner though, so I thought “why not?”. I use this with the black from the Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions and some setting spray. Not my most precise liner application, but still better than my alternative! I want to try it with a gel product to see if it does a better job.

Iconic also suggest using it for brows, so I tried that today but switched back to my Anastasia brush. It’s not very stiff so I felt like I was barely applying any product and it was taking double the time it normally takes to do one brow.

12: Small Point Brush


This is unique to my collection. It gives a nice precise line on a winged out cut crease, or for liner. It also pretty stays stiff so there is no risk messing up and getting product everywhere.


Overall, I think it’s a fantastic brush set! It feels great, looks beautiful, and does a great job all around too! If I really had to criticise it, then it is missing a flat shader brush, but then again, this isn’t a basics brush set. I think this is aimed at someone who is a bit more advanced and already has their essentials covered. So if you’re looking to grow your collection with a variety of new brushes, I think this is for you!

Here’s the makeup look I came up with this week using the brushes! Full list of products available on my Instagram.


On another note, I think I want to clear out my collection a little and try to use up some of my less loved products over this year. Would you guys like to see a post about this?

What are your favourite brushes? Tell me in the comments down below!