Life Update & Blog Plans For 2018

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well and by this point you have managed to recover from your holidays. I haven’t. I can’t tell what’s harder right now, easing back into work, or trying to reduce my food intake back to human levels. The struggle is real.

Now, I’m not normally one for the more personal posts, but as this is the first one for the year, I figured, why not! It’s a nice way to start things off.

First of all, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you guys. I only posted my first review back on the 22nd October, and somehow, I finished the year on 674 total views as well as 114 followers. Honestly, I really didn’t expect anyone to be interested in my posts, so to finish with these numbers (even if they may be quite smaller compared to some of you out there) is truly amazing! It really means a lot that you guys are reading my posts and supporting me.

So, what’s going on in my life at the start of this new year? Well, I live in London with my boyfriend, and I also work here full time. Back in spring last year, I had a lot of free time on my hands, and I decided I needed to do something that didn’t just involve going to work every day. So, in August, I decided to take up studying again and I started working on an A Level. Yeah, I know, you thought I was talking about blogging. That comes later.


Check me out, taking artsy photos of my homework!

I’m doing this A Level in just one year, with my exams at the end of Spring, and it’s, er, not always as fun as it was at the start. Life turned into going to work, and coming home to study. That’s when the blog came into the picture. I needed something fun, a creative outlet to break the cycle, to post about makeup and cosplay.

Just a little example of cosplay from last year

OK, yeah, I know what you’re thinking again: There hasn’t really been any cosplay on this blog so far. Yes, that’s right. At the moment, I’m only just managing to write one post and upload one look to Instagram a week. I didn’t quite realise how much time this new project would need! With cosplay, there’s makeup, but there’s also sourcing/making wigs, costumes, props even, and unfortunately, that takes far more time that I have at the moment. And as we get closer to my exams, I may even have to reduce how much time I spend blogging to focus on revision.

Enough with the negativity now, because it’s not all bad! First off, the boyfriend and I are in the early stages of planning a holiday for this July, which I definitely will be needing! Honestly, I’m already excited for it. Plus, once my exams are out of the way, I’ll be able to focus more on the blog, and maybe finally start posting more often!

I’m really determined to take this seriously. Back on Black Friday, I bought myself a ring light, to up my selfie game. It wasn’t on offer or anything, Black Friday just also happened to be payday, and I decided proper lighting was a priority. Since getting it, my average likes per post and number of followers on Instagram have received a pretty good boost, so it was a pretty good investment!

Somehow, this photo taken on my phone doesn’t look as good now…

This brings us to the star of this post. My new baby, very kindly funded by my parents for Christmas. My brand new Canon EOS 700D! I don’t know much about DSLR cameras, but I decided getting one was the next logical step for me, so I did my research, and went for this one as it looked like a great choice for beginners.

So what are my plans for 2018? Well, first of all, saving for my holiday means I am going to have to reign in my spending for a few months, but don’t worry, my Black Friday haul and the presents from my boyfriend mean that I have enough reviews in my arsenal for a while! But after reading a few other blog posts about goals for 2018, I decided to set a few of my own:

  1. Learn how to use my new camera. I’ve only ever had compact digital cameras before and I only used the automatic setting… This time things will be different! I’m hoping I can increase how much I post to Instagram, by posting close ups of looks for example. I think I might also clean up my page to remove anything that doesn’t fit with the image I want it to have.
  2. Start making cosplays again! I’ve not sewn anything in a year and I miss it so much. I’ll be getting back on that as soon as my exams are over.
  3. Dive head first into the big scary pool that is YouTube! I want to carry on posting reviews, but also more looks and tutorials. Plus, this one will go in hand with goal n. 2, as I want to post full character looks. And of course, I’ll post all the videos on here!
  4. More blog posts! Yes, again, this won’t happen until my exams are over. I just really feel like once a week isn’t enough. Plus I think I may have a little revamp of how things look and how I categorise things, to tie in better with YouTube and Instagram.
IMG_0075 (2)

I’ve already made a start on number 1! Full list of products used available on my Instagram

So, basically, give it six months and we should start seeing big things on this blog! Well, goal number 1 should start bearing fruits sooner than that. It’s definitely going to be a busy year, possibly even the busiest since I finished school almost 8 years ago, but it will all be worth it. So stick around and give me a follow if you haven’t already, 2018 is looking good!

What are your goals for this year? Let me know in the comments!