Review – Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

Ok, yes, I know what you might be thinking. “God, she’s only been here for two months, and she’s writing another foundation review?” I sure am! I love foundation. I’m constantly on the search for the perfect one that’s finally going to provide me with the coverage I want, and stay on all day like all the beauty vloggers promise. So when I picked up a sample of Urban Decay Naked Skin from House of Fraser, I was sold.

I bought the full sized bottle as part of my Black Friday Haul, and I promised myself that I would write a review after using it solidly for a couple of weeks. So, sit down, get under your blanket and grab whatever hot beverage you’re drinking to make it through the winter, and let’s get into it.

First impressions

The packaging: The foundation comes in a gorgeous glass bottle. The design reminds me of the L.A Girl Pro HD / Makeup Forever Ultra HD, but there’s something a little more luxurious about the silver cap and the way it’s presented. Yes, it is tall and may stick out among your other foundations, but it looks nice, and when the full price is £28.50 for 30 ml of product, I want something that feels fancy.

Claims: Urban Decay is making a lot of promises with this one, so I thought it was easier to grab a screenshot of it (or the only part I could fit into one screenshot after zooming to 175%).

Urban Decay Screenshot 175%


I wouldn’t say I’m concerned about wrinkles, but as I still get breakouts sometimes and these can leave nasty marks, I’m OK with looking like I have been professionally retouched! Medium to full coverage sounds perfect for everyday (I don’t want to go into work looking like too much of a cake face), and so does demi-matte: with my dry skin, I avoid full matte finishes like the plague now, because they usually cling to everything.

Colour range: Urban Decay is offering 24 shades, from the palest (0.5) to the darkest (13). We’ve seen some ranges do much better this year, but there does seem to be a good range of options for most skin tones, although you would need to look up more reviews to find out exactly how dark it goes.

The product

Application: As with my previous reviews, I used my RT makeup sponge on the right side of my face, and my stipple brush from eBay on the left. I also used my MUA primer as a base, which I use daily.

The foundation is very, very runny, so the beauty blender absorbs a lot of it, and I feel like for the price that’s just too painful. I was hoping the brush would at least work just as well so that I would stop wasting product, but instead, it left me with awful streaks and I had to fix it with the sponge anyway (this may just be because I used a cheap, older brush, so of anyone has recommendations for me, I am definitely interested!!).

Right, brush v left, sponge

I also found myself using several pumps of this, especially as I built it up to achieve fuller coverage. I find the best way to use it is to pump it directly on to the face, like you see in all those instagram videos, and blend in with the sponge. It seems to absorb less this way.

Colour match: As always (and particularly because it’s winter so there is no trace of a tan left!) I just went straight for the lightest shade. And once again, it’s a great match. I have to say, brands have really upped their game with pale shades since the first foundation I ever bought.

No flash v flash. Left to right Urban Decay 0.5, Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable 010 Light Porcelain, L’oréal Infallible Matte 10 Porcelain, Dermacol Makeup Cover 208, LA Girl Pro Coverage Porcelain

Coverage: Would I call this medium to full coverage? I think I would stick to medium. It’s definitely buildable, which is great for days when my skin isnt as great as I would want it, but I think I would probably go for something a little stronger on a really bad skin day.

Finish: for the coverage I get from this one, I would easily say this is one of the most beautiful foundations I have tried. It’s definitely not matte, it gives a healthy, almost glowy finish. It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing foundation. It’s one of those “my skin, but better” products. It also doesn’t feel tacky or like it might transfer, and my other face products blended great over it.

I didn’t want to try powdering over it at first, but eventually I did try baking over my problem areas (around my mouth, my nose, and my undereyes), and powdering the rest, all with the RCMA No Colour Powder. As it’s a heavy duty powder, it mattified everything and hid away any trace of glow. It also made things a little cakey, so I would probably recommend using a lighter, more illuminating powder over this (again, if you any suggestions for me, leave them down below!

The wear

I first tried this foundation out as a sample back in October, and the wear is what sold me on it. It didn’t seem to budge, settle, or cling to dry patches as much as other foundations. But as I was using it over the last couple of weeks, I wasn’t getting the same results. In particular, it was settling into my smile lines within just a couple of hours.

I tried to figure out what was different this time round. My first conclusion was the drop in temperature we have been experiencing recently. Maybe the foundation just struggles with the cold. So I tried powdering over it, but as I mentioned, it just looked too cakey. I figured that, in order to avoid wasting money, I would leave this one until the weather started warming up again, and I was going to write how disappointed I was that a foundation at this price could be so temperamental.

I decided to give it one last go yesterday, but this time I replaced my MUA primer with the Nivea Men’s Sensitive Post Shave Balm. I normally only use this for heavy duty makeup, but I thought I would try it on the offchance anyway. And it worked. It looked great for hours. So if you’re not happy with the results you get with this one at first, maybe have a look at what you’r using underneath it!

Final verdict

This review has definitely been a roller coaster for me. One minute I thought I had started to hate the foundation, the next, I was in love with it again. If you’ve read my review on the Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation, this is basically everything I was expecting to write on that one. It’s a fantastic every foundation: it looks natural, glowy, the coverage isn’t heavy, and I love the way it makes my dry skin look. And provided you wear the right base underneath, it stays in place for several hours.

OK, if I had to pick one negative about this one, it would probably be the consistency. It’s so runny that I feel like I’m using several pumps to achieve the coverage I need, and my sponge just drinks it up as I go. Of course, this does mean that you get lovely lightweight feel and finish, but considering the cost I am just a little concerned with just how soon I will run out of it. Other than that, I love this product, and I would definitely consider it a fantastic investment.

Have you tried this foundation? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments!