Review – Model’s Own Brow Tattoo Kit

Today’s review is a product I was super excited about. If you follow new product releases, you will not have been able to miss this one. It’s been all over my Youtube. It’s the Iconic London Sculpt and Boost Eyebrow Cushion!

Ok, I have to admit, it’s not. Unfortunately, the beauty industry’s latest craze is a little out of my budget at £26.99. So when I saw that Model’s Own had come out with their own version for just £8.99, I jumped on the occasion and ordered it on Black Friday. I’m normally a Dip Brow girl and, as that seems to have jumped up in price, this sounded like a fantastic potential alternative.

The kit promises a liquid-to-powder formula that is sweat and water resistant. It also comes with a mirror and a foldable brush, and the lid for the cushion closes very tightly, so it sounds perfect for travelling. It does only offer two options, blonde and brunette, and each kit contains a dark and light shade, whereas Iconic has a selection of three. Drugstore products don’t tend to cater well to lighter brows, so this did concern me a little.

As I don’t own the Iconic kit, I watched some reviews for it while I tested mine, to get an idea of how they might compare.

First, the swatches. Every video of the Iconic kit shows a highly pigmented liquid, which does not budge once it has dried down. So, when pressed my fingers into the cushion and swiped them on my arm like all the other bloggers… well, to be honest, I was disappointed. There was very little pigmentation, and not a lot of difference between the two colours. The one on the right does seem to be a little cooler. On the other hand, when I rubbed them with fingers, they did not budge, so that kept me interested.

On to the application. The brush definitely a let down. Unlike the Iconic one, which is raved about as it is very fine and precise, this one is much too thick, so it makes the application process very messy, particularly at the tail of the brow. I ended up using my Anastasia Beverley Hills 12 Brush on the other brow, and I still had to clean things up using my L.A. Girl Pro HD Concealer. So not the time saving product I was hoping for. I also set my brows in place with my Nyx Brow Gel to help keep strays in place.

My brows came out darker and warmer than I would normally go for. After I swatched the product I decided to try the darker shade on most of my brow, and the light one at the front. It actually came out a lot more pigmented once applied with a brush, which was a nice surprise. I did have to dip back in quite a bit, so I’m not sure how long the kit would last, but I ended up with a stronger brow than expected, but still pretty natural.

Overall, I am on the fence about this one. It’s not as practical as I was hoping: you’ll still need your own brush, and some concealer to clean things up. On the other hand, I actually think this product would be great option for someone looking to graduate from brow pencils. It’s definitely easier to use and not as messy as a pomade, and it’s under a tenner, so this is great for making the transition.

Have you tried brow cushions? Let me know what you thought in the comments!