Review – Dermacol Make-Up Cover

Hi guys! Today, we’ll be doing another foundation review. And this is definitely one of the most talked about products of 2017. That’s right, it’s time to review Dermacol.

Yes, I know, I’m so late to this party. Everyone and their mum has tried this foundation. Well, everyone except me. And I’m pretty excited about this one. From the reviews I’ve seen this is one of the highest coverage foundations on the market, which I often look for with my uneven skin. Developed in the Czech Republic for film and stage, it’s not your everyday  foundation, but it sounds perfect for cosplay!

To avoid ordering a fake, I went to the Dermacol website to find a list of official retailers. I got mine for £11.99 on Amazon, which is pretty much the current going rate. (If you find one for any less than that, I’m afraid to say it’s probably too good to be true).

First impressions

The packaging: The foundation comes in the most adorable pink and grey flower patterned box, with the name embossed in gold. Inside, you get a gold glitter print tube with 30g of foundation. For £12, I would prefer if it came in a bottle, but it’s so pretty, I just can’t be mad at it.


Claims: All the reviews I’ve watched agree, this is one of the highest coverage foundations on the market. And no wonder! The Dermacol website claims this is 50% pigment. It promises to cover “acne, loss of pigmentation, post surgical bruising, tattoos, etc”  and can be used on the face or body.

Colour range: At 13 shades, the colour range is less than impressive. Confusingly, 208 is lighter than 207, but it looked pale enough for me. On the other hand, the darkest shade (224) looks is probably what most people would call a medium shade. Looking through the reviews on Amazon, the negative ones mostly seemed to come from people saying this was far too light for them.

The product

Application: As with my last review, I went in with a stippling brush on the left side of my face, and the RT blender on the right side. The difference was barely noticeable, but the blender did get things slightly smoother. The consistency is very thick, so I found the damp sponge helped to blend things out, and I barely noticed any product being absorbed.

Colour match: The colour match is pretty good for me, although maybe a little on the light side. I don’t personally mind that to much, as I would much prefer the foundation be too light and have to warm it up after than the other way around. It definitely has a pink undertone, which is perfect for me but may not look quite right if you have a warmer skin tone.


No flash v flash. Left to right Dermacol Makeup Cover 208, L’oréal Infallible Matte 10 Porcelain, Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable 010 Light Porcelain, LA Girl Pro Coverage Porcelain, MAC Lightful CC Extra Light

Coverage: Ho-ly shiiiiiiit. The reviews did not lie. This is the most insane coverage I have ever seen! I used the tiniest amount and didn’t need to build it up to achieve an almost perfect result. It pretty much immediately erased any pigmentation in my skin. If it wasn’t for the giant spot on my left cheek, I wouldn’t have needed concealer at all.


Half human, half perfectly concealed ghost

Finish: The foundation left me feeling pretty damn illuminated. This type of dewy finish is normally what I look for for my dry skin, as it tends to cling to dry patches less (it probably isn’t ideal if you have oily skin). It definitely didn’t look like it was about to dry down, so I set it using the RCMA No Colour Powder, which gave me the flawless, matte base I look for when cosplaying. Both of these products were made for stage and film, so there was nothing natural looking about the finished product.


The wear

I kept this one for 8 hours to go to a family event. The foundation rubbed off on the bridge of my nose because of my glasses, and it did cling on to dry patches, but I am yet to find a foundation that doesn’t do either of those things. What really shocked me is the fact that it settled into lines under my eyes that I didn’t even know were there! Now, maybe I hadn’t noticed them before because until I started this blog, I never looked for these kind of details, but if a product starts making you think it might be time to start delving into the world of anti-ageing creams, it’s probably not a good thing.


Final verdict

The most important thing to remember with this foundation is that it was not created for everyday use. Stage makeup is usually very heavy and is only made to last for the length of a show, not for a whole workday. I loved the finish when I was doing my makeup, but by the evening, I just thought I looked a bit tired, and apparently, a fair bit older.


Dermacol left, Makeup Forever right

I decided to try a quick comparison with my Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation stick. The coverage is definitely lighter on the right (I had to build a couple of layers and add concealer), but I thought the overall finish was smoother and a little more “my skin but better”. Comparing how it lasted after 3 hours, Dermacol was definitely clinging on to my dry spots a fair bit, while MUFE was still looking smooth and flawless, so we had a pretty clear winner there. The foundation stick is £30 a pop, so if you’re on a budget, Dermacol will make a perfectly fine alternative.

I definitely won’t be picking this one as my new cosplay foundation. I need to know that my base will stay in place and not start showing imperfections I didn’t even know about a few hours into my day. If like me, you find that foundations tend to cling to your dry spots, I would recommend a good exfoliator and intense moisturiser before putting this on. This one will work best for a short period of wear, like a photoshoot, where you need a perfect base for your makeup, but I would not recommend keeping it on for a whole day.