Review – Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation

Hello to anyone who may be reading this and welcome to my very first post!

I’m super excited to be starting this new blogging journey, and to share my opinions and ideas with people who may be interested. I’ve been getting really into new products recently and thought, what better way to get started than with a review? So here it is, my review of the New Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable foundation:

First off: it’s been a while since I bought a new drugstore foundation. I tend to avoid them. I’m pretty pale and a lot of the time, drugstore doesn’t cater to my skin tone, although things have improved in recent years. I’m pretty sure the first ever foundation I bought was by Rimmel, and back then, the lightest shade was Ivory. And boy, it turned me orange! But of course, teenage me seemed to be blind to that. Thank god for the addition of their porcelain shade a few years later.

I’ve heard lots of good things about the original Lasting Finish foundation, but I’d never tried it myself. From what I’ve heard, the formula probably wouldn’t be great on my dry skin, and there was a chance of stepping into tangerine county with the shade match. But I’m a sucker for good advertising, and so when I heard the claims in their TV campaign (ultra-light, flawless, long lasting and breathable) I thought maybe this was finally my chance to jump on the hype train.

First impressions

The packaging: Rimmel is treating us to its signature glass bottle, but this time, with a silver lid rather than a bright coloured one, which I think will look great sat in my collection.IMG_0847[1]

The applicator: The advert showed us that rather than giving us a plain old pump, Rimmel have chosen to give us a giant concealer style wand. While I can see how some might see the appeal compared to a pump, all I can think of are the germs that will be moving between my face and the foundation. That and, on my first two days of testing it, pulling the applicator out of the bottle caused me to spray droplets of foundation on 1. my dress and 2. my leg. I distinctly remember the multiple bottles of Match Perfection I went through during university having a pump, so why not this one? This applicator feels like a bit of a gimmick to me.


Claims: 25 hour. Breathable. HYDRATING. Honestly, as someone who has dry skin and takes the London Underground to work every day, how could I not be drawn to this?? Seriously, in the summer, my make-up literally melts off before I even make it to central London, and when that doesn’t happen, I can literally feel my skin cooking because it’s drying up. So could this product really be the answer to all my make-up prayers? Only downside for me so far: the bottle states the coverage is medium (I usually prefer to have as much coverage as possible), and no mention of the finish. The TV advert promised me “flawless coverage”, and if this truly doesn’t budge, then why not at least give it a go?

Colour range: There are 17 shades in this range. Pretty good for a drugstore brand! This ranges from the shade Light Ivory 001 to Dark 600, which from their website looks quite deep. I picked up the Light Porcelain 010, which was the lightest one available in my local Superdrug.

The product

First thing I noticed when opening the bottle: the smell. I can only describe it as “that characteristic Rimmel foundation scent”. It instantly reminded me of the first ever foundation I got from them about 10 years ago, which I couldn’t remember the name of if I tried. I’m also pretty sure it’s the same scent as Match Perfection. Just one thing to watch out if you’re sensitive to scents in your makeup.

Application: I’ve been fully converted to the Beauty Blender. OK, so I’ve switched to the Real Techniques one, which does the same job for a fraction of the cost. I just find I get a better finish when I use it with my fuller (and even medium) coverage foundations. But as this one seemed quite thin and runny, I felt like the blender was absorbing a lot of the product, so I went for a brush on the other side of my face. This is just a stippling brush I got as part of a set on eBAY. I used the MUA Pro Base Primer before the foundation.


Left, stipple brush, right, RT sponge

While the photo doesn’t show much of a difference, the brush did offer slightly better coverage. I think this formula is far too thin and runny to be used with any sort of makeup sponge.

Colour match: success! This one is a pretty damn good match. Light porcelain was my go to shade when I used their Match Perfection, and I’m so pleased to see they now have an even lighter shade for anyone who needs it, which can come in handy for lightening if you happen to be in between shades.


Swatch comparison, no flash v flash. Left to right, Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable 010  Light Porcelain, LA Girl Pro Coverage Porcelain, MAC Lightful CC Extra Light, L’oréal Infallible Matte 10 Porcelain

Coverage: while the bottle promised a medium finish, I would definitely call it light, pushing to light-medium when used with the brush. The L’Oréal Infallible Matte is also classed as medium coverage, but it leaves me feeling far more covered up than this one. I’m prone to spots and as you can see from the photos, they are coming through quite strong. After the pictures I used the L’Oréal True Match concealer over it, which I find works for the under-eye area, but not for the spots. I have made a conscious decision not to use a heavier duty concealer with it, as I think it will look too cakey over the foundation. On day 3, I did try using my MAC Pro Longwear underneath, which did seem to help a little. A better idea might be to go with some colour correcting beforehand.

Finish: I would class this as a matte finish, which isn’t normally the best choice when you’re prone to dry skin. But, despite this and the coverage, I do actually think it looks lovely. It’s very lightweight, and it also dries down very fast. When I wear it, I don’t feel the need to powder (I did give it a go on day 3 of wearing it, but it just looked too cakey). I think that, on anyone with better skin than me who just wants to even their skin tone out, this would look gorgeous.

The wear

So, 25 hours? I travel to work on the central line – I need something heavy duty that is going to survive the heat (yes, even in autumn, it still feels like I’ve passed the gates of hell when I step on the tube). So, how did it do?


6 hours later

The difficulty with the coverage being so light is that I find it hard to tell whether or not it has faded during the day. That’s the downside of a full coverage foundation: when it starts wearing off, you can see it. By the time I got to work, I did notice it was starting to grab on to my dry spots, but no more so than most of the other foundations I have tried.

Despite not powdering my face all over (I did add contour, blush and highlighter), I didn’t feel tacky, and didn’t notice very much transfer at all. However, when I really tried to monitor the wear (on a Sunday, with no activity which involved leaving the house), I found that it had faded off the bridge of my nose (I do wear glasses), and what looked like most of my forehead. I looked shiny, even though I’m not prone to oily skin. It was also settling into my lines a little (I didn’t even know I had any), and it had definitely rubbed off the bottom of my face too. 25 hours? It barely even made it through 6.

Overall, I did love the fact that I didn’t have to powder my face, which made me look so much more natural than I normally would, and I didn’t feel tacky or notice too much transfer. But, in terms of how long it lasted, I was disappointed to see that, on me, it failed at its main claim. Again, I think this would be suited to someone with better skin than me. I think I will be reaching for this on good skin days in the summer, when I’m not in need of something more heavy duty for more than a few hours.